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Guests at Berlin hotel can be seen on the toilet due to design fail

A newly opened hotel in Berlin realised it had a slight design problem when it was discovered people on the streets below could see guests

The first trailer for the Hobbit finale is here!


Peter Jackson’s Hobbit saga is almost at an end – but there’s still one more film to go, and fans have been given their first

Paramount Pictures under fire over 9/11 TMNT promo poster


Paramount Pictures Australia came under fire when it tweeted the new promotional poster for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film – it featured turtles

Beyonce ‘secretly shopping for a new apartment without Jay Z’


BEYONCE may already have one foot out the door — she’s reportedly been secretly shopping for new digs without Jay Z. According to The Post,

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4 kids found locked in hot car; mother Charnae Mosley arrested

A woman faces four counts of reckless conduct after leaving her four kids inside a car, Atlanta police confirmed. Police say Charnae Mosley left her children, ... Full story

U.S. Headlines

California creepy doll mystery solved

They sent a creepy feeling through several Southern California families, but authorities say the person who left porcelain dolls on doorsteps didn't mean any harm. The ... Full story


Japanese teen admits to strangling classmate and dismembering her body

A TEENAGE schoolgirl has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a classmate and dismembering her body. The 15-year-old, whose name has not been released, admitted ... Full story


Nicki Minaj reveals the cover artwork for her new single, Anaconda

ONE need only listen to a few of Nicki Minaj’s chart hits to quickly realise she’s not one to beat around the bush with subtlety. ... Full story


Fans divided over new-look Wonder Woman

THE film is still almost two years away from release, but eager fans have been given their first glimpse of Wonder Woman in the upcoming ... Full story


Real Housewives star Aviva Drescher hurls her fake leg in epic catfight

WE’VE seen table-flipping, wine-throwing and hair-pulling on The Real Housewives before, but throwing a prosthetic leg? That’s a new one. Last night, The Real Housewives ... Full story


Remote-controlled contraception sounds amazing but is it susceptible to hacking?

In the latest example of mankind’s rapid descent into extreme inertia, it was announced yesterday that remote-controlled contraception could be available by 2018. Forget remembering to ... Full story


Just say no to the camel toe with the Cuchini

Ever heard of a Cuchini? No neither had we. But the disturbingly named underwear pad has been silently waging a war against that well-known fashion faux-pas, ... Full story


Microsoft’s parody of ‘Sexy and I Know It’ is most embarrassing thing ever

IN what could be the most cringing, shuddering act of geekery our poor eyes have been subjected to, those studs over at Microsoft have created ... Full story

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Police: Officer opens fire on sword-wielding man Julian Faulkner


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer-involved shooting.   According to Covington police, officers were called to Legion Drive in regards to a

Facebook selfie helps police identify fraud suspect as Tanya Peel


Police are searching for a woman they say drained an investment account of $175,000. Police said they were able to identify Tanya Peel as their fraud

200 pairs of panties stolen from Victoria's Secret in Georgia


Authorities are investigating the theft of 200 pairs of panties at an east Georgia shopping mall. Richmond County sheriff's officials say a thief stole the panties

DeKalb man William Matthews Simmons accused of inappropriate relationship with 15-year-old boy


DeKalb County police said they will become more aggressive going after adults who they believe are having inappropriate relationships with minors. This week, officers arrested a

Couple nearly struck by lightning while taking holiday selfie


It appears even God hates selfies. A young couple captured the moment they were nearly stuck by lightning while trying to take a romantic video shot. Luis

Iceberg collapses, terrified woman completely over-reacts, internet has zero sympathy


Hint: Make sure your volume’s on. A woman travelling with her husband across the Bay of Exploits in Newfoundland, Canada, reacted in absolute terror when she saw an

Bartender accidentally sets a man's face on fire


You know what’s great? Beer! There’s nothing like the taste of a crisp, refreshing pint after a hard day’s work. Not only is it alcoholic, fairly inexpensive

This 60s advert for cereal is the creepiest


The brains behind Rice Krinkles thought it would be a great idea to have an insane-eyed clown urge kids to try their cereal. This black and

Air Algerie plane missing after air traffic controllers lost contact


AN Air Algerie plane carrying 116 people, which disappeared off radar almost an hour after taking off from Burkina Faso, has reportedly crashed in Niger.

Dentists remove 232 teeth from tumour in Indian teen Ashik Gavai’s mouth


WHEN Ashik Gavai began struggling to bite and chew due to severe swelling on the right side of his face he took himself to see

Man sees doctor about cramp, turns out he's a woman with period pain


A man who went to his doctor complaining of stomach cramps came away with a diagnosis he most certainly wasn’t expecting. Upon examination it was revealed

Maria Putin living in Holland causes outrage after MH17 disaster


RUSSIAN President Vladmir Putin’s daughter is living with a Dutch boyfriend in the Netherlands as the country reels from MH17, which has been widely blamed

Beyonce recreates iconic Rosie the Riveter feminist poster in new photo shoot


WHO runs the world? Beyoncé. But she wants other women to join in on the fun, too. Queen Bey flew her feminist flag high today

Former Destiny's Child singer Farrah Franklin arrested


A former member of the R&B group Destiny’s Child was arrested in Myrtle Beach over the weekend after a night drinking with two football players,

David Guetta’s divorce: Ex-wife Cathy ‘taking half’ of his $30 million fortune


THE divorce between world-renowned DJ David Guetta and his wife Cathy has hit a real sour note. The New York Post reports the high-profile split

Glee star Naya Rivera in shock quickie wedding to Ryan Dorsey just three months after breaking up with fiance Big Sean


WELL, that was fast ... Just months after ending her engagement to rapper Big Sean, Glee star Naya Rivera has walked very quickly down the

LeBron James sends cupcakes to his neighbors to apologise for media attention


LEBRON James is the world’s best basketball player. He also happens to be the world’s best neighbour. A Reddit user, who claims his parents live

Biggest Heisman Flops in NFL History


The Heisman Trophy doesn't guarantee NFL success. Here are 10 winners of college football's greatest award who were major disappointments at the next level. 10. QB

MMA fighter beats opponent, pulls off the most awesome troll face ever


You might not know much about fighter Takuya Eizumi, but he should definitely be your new favourite sportsman ever. Like seriously… The Mixed Martial Arts brawler

Japanese TV presenter tries to entertain soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo – scares him instead


So, picture the scene – you’re a famous TV host, and you’re interviewing the best football in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, what do you do? How

Verizon boosts FiOS uploads to match downloads


Verizon is boosting the upload speeds of nearly all its FiOS connections to match the download speeds, vastly shortening the time it takes for subscribers

Amazon seeks permission from United States Federal Aviation Administration for drone tests


ONLINE giant Amazon has sought permission for drone test flights in the United States, saying it is moving forward on plans for deliveries using the

FaceTime not working on your iPad or iphone? Here’s the fix


CAN’T FaceTime? You’re not alone. Scores of people running iOS 6 have been experiencing issues with FaceTime on their iPhones and iPads dating back to

Twitter discloses diversity numbers — most workers are white or Asian


TWITTER conceded that it has been hiring too many white and Asian men to fill high-paying technology jobs, just like several other major companies in

Why toilet seat liners are totally pointless


ARE you one of those people who always grabs a paper liner before sitting down on the loo? Surely, you do so to prevent catching

New drugs anti-PD1s and anti-PDL1s ‘cure’ lung cancer Health


DOCTORS are hailing a breakthrough in cancer treatment after new drugs have been found to clear tumours in cases of advanced lung cancer. One of

Man survives motorcycle accident but his heart shifts from left to right


A MAN survived a motorcycle accident but he left doctors shocked when they went to check his heart only to find it was no longer

Four babies ‘cured’ of HIV in breakthrough


FOUR babies born with HIV were apparently cleared of the infection in a major breakthrough fuelling hopes of a cure for AIDS. Details of the

Traffic Lights Are Coming to a Restroom Near You


Duck diligently under the stall, glance through the gap, or try the door and hope for the best. These are the common ways we figure

Killers in your kitchen: Exploding floor cleaners and toasters more deadly than sharks...


Scientists at Exeter University claimed this week that non-stick frying pans could be bad for your health. A chemical used for their heat-resistant and stain-repelling

Etiquette gets reboot for digital age


The digital age has created a host of new etiquette dilemmas. What should you do when your boss sends a Facebook friend request? Is it OK

Virginia man travelled to remote area of Africa to claim ‘kingdom’ so his daughter can be a real princess


WHEN a dad promised his seven-year-old daughter she would be a real princess, he wasn’t kidding. Jeremiah Heaton travelled to a remote desert region of