Smyrna Police employee Shannon Pope arrested for stealing personal information

News SMYRNA, Ga. – A crime analyst with the Cobb County police has been arrested for stealing personal information. Authorities say 38-year-old Shannon Pope is accused of stealing information without authorization including...

Police say car owner Josiah Gilbert arrested after shooting and killing suspected car thief

News ATLANTA - Authorities say a car owner who shot a man trying to steal his ... Full story

Former DeKalb County commissioner Stanley Watson indicted on theft charge

News DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A former DeKalb County commissioner indicted by the DeKalb County District ... Full story

Violin teacher Leon Messerlian accused of child molestation re-indicted

News GAINSVILLE, Ga. - Authorities say a Hall County violin teacher accused of child molestation involving ... Full story

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Tech CEO Albert Demagnus stabbed to death, suspects arrested

News Two people are in custody after a Fayette County man was brutally stabbed to death during a home invasion early Friday morning.According to Fayette County ... Full story

Police: Driver Marcus Allen Pitts arrested for shooting suspect fleeing police

News A man has been arrested after he shot a suspect fleeing from police, authorities said.Police say Marcus Allen Pitts, 46, of Covington was arrested and ... Full story

Man caught having sex with donkey told he must MARRY the ass

Weird A RANDY villager caught romping with a donkey has been told he must marry the animal. The donkey's horrified owner was left sickened after he witnessed ... Full story

Parents set up nannycam and catch nurse Thelma Manalastas beating their son

Parenting PARENTS were shocked when they tuned into their nanny cam to discover a horrible truth Shocking footage revealed the nurse hired to look after their two-year-old ... Full story

Woman ordered to leave swimming pool for wearing THIS ‘revealing’ bathing suit

National A WOMAN was ordered to leave a swimming pool because staff claimed her bathing suit might “excite teenage boys”. Tori Jenkins was using the pool facility ... Full story

Fukushima: ‘Radioactive’ boars attack people in deserted towns


AUTHORITIES in tsunami-stricken Fukushima say a raging pack of “radioactive” wild boars have invaded several towns after the 2011 disaster

Transgender woman begs for life before being beaten to death in sickening attack


A distressing video of a transgender woman begging for her life before being beaten to death has emerged. Sadly, her

Retweet lands South Korean man in jail


Retweeting may be one of the most casual possible gestures, but it may also have earned a South Korea man

Swedish woman ‘gang-raped for three hours live on Facebook’


Swedish detectives are investigating the suspected gang rape of a woman after the three-hour attack was broadcast on Facebook Live.

Former boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina arrested for beating new girlfriend


SANFORD, FL  – TMZ is reporting that Nick Gordon, the former boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina, has been arrested

TMZ: Brandy rushed to hospital after falling unconscious on flight


LOS ANGELES - R&B singer Brandy Norwood fell into unconsciousness on a Delta flight preparing to take off early Friday

Erin Moran of 'Happy Days' dead at 56


HOLLYWOOD - Actress Erin Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham in 1970s sitcom "Happy Days," has died at the age of

Charlie Murphy dead at 57 after leukemia battle


Charlie Murphy, the older brother of actor Eddie Murphy and a comedy stand-up performer in his own right has died

NFL security guard pleasures himself in front of cheerleaders


A SECURITY guard caught apparently masturbating during a San Diego Chargers game on Sunday has been fired, The New York

Petra Kvitova injured by knife-wielding attacker at her home


Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova was injured Tuesday by a knife-wielding attacker at her home in Prostejov, Czech Republic, The

Ex-Florida financial adviser Peggy Ann Fulford charged with stealing millions from former athletes


A former Florida businesswoman accused of stealing $6 million from 1998 Heisman Trophy winner and former pro football player Ricky

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T to run for MAYOR


BOOKER T has announced that he plans to run for mayor of Houston, Texas. The WWE legend – who was inducted

Owner asking Amazon’s Alexa if it is connected to the CIA — causing it to shut down


A video of a woman asking her Amazon Echo bot if it is connected to the CIA is making people

New guidelines for Uber riders, drivers released


ATLANTA - New rules for Uber riders and drivers were released last week. One of the rule changes clarifies the company’s

Apple iPhone 7 event: What time is it; live stream; what’s new; how much for the phone?


It’s reveal day at Apple as the company is expected to introduce the iPhone 7 to the world. The next generation

Here’s everything you need to know about Pokémon Go


IF YOU witness hordes of adults walking around with their smartphones in hand, seemingly recording video footage — there is

Sex at 70 is surprisingly satisfying


Good news for the sexy septuagenarians: Researchers at Germany's University of Rostock have found that "regular sex" increases not just

How long can you stare into someone's eyes before it gets awkward? Science has the answer


How long is it possible to stare into someone's eyes before it starts to make them feek awkward? Based on

Who's the black girl in the new viagra commercial (Tish Graves-Dawkins)


Viagra Commercial 2015 Date Night. Viagra TV Spot, 'Date Night'. A woman in a blue dress explains that women love

This intricate art is fashioned from feathers


Where the rest of us might just see a feather, artist Chris Maynard sees incredible miniature artworks — all cut