What on Earth is Charlie Sheen playing at? He has stunned his several million Twitter followers with a bizarre racist rant against Barack Obama.


Referring to the President of the US as ‘Barry Santera Kenya’ in a late night tweet, Sheen has caused an understandable stir with many pointing out that his phrasing could easily be construed as racism.


Commenting on the fact that Obama had filled out a bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament, something which he does on an annual basis, Sheen appeared to be questioning the leader’s priorities.

But using the word Kenya in his grossly misjudged slur has invalidated any point he may have had, according to many horrified readers of the account.


Sheen, now infamous for his meltdown in 2011, appeared upset at Obama’s non attendance at the funeral of a US soldier.


A group of right wing supporters have been questioning Obama’s birthplace, with some convinced he was actually born in Kenya which seems to be the origin for Sheen’s slur, but there has been no evidence to support this theory.


Sheen is now well known for making controversial displays, but this could well be deemed his worst yet as he threatens to isolate the people that still give his behaviour the benefit of the doubt.


There’s no real way of defending this is there?

By Lena Sullivan 03/19/2015 14:50:00

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