Instagram nurses a new 'world's hottest'

Beautiful women with normal day jobs seems to be the internet’s favorite topic these days. This summer alone the internet’s fallen for a hot Mexican weather woman, a gorgeous Brazilian street sweeper, and McDonald’s “goddess” cashier. Nurse is the newest occupation to join the list thanks to the jaw-droppingly sexy Kaicyre Palmers. A nurse hasn’t looked this good since Blink-182’s iconic Enema of the State album cover.

Instagram is at it again.

After volleyball players, gymnasts, gardeners and just everyday people… a new star is created.

Among other Instagram stars are beautiful women with every day, normal day jobs.

A Mexican weather woman, a Brazilian street sweeper, and a McDonald’s cashier, all have been Instagram hits.

The latest is this nurse.

Her name is Kaicyre Palmers and well, welcome to Instagram stardom Kaicyre.