Lee-Grace Dougherty Nude: Bank Robber Naked In Leaked Pics (PHOTOS)

Call her the bare-bottom bandit. The female sibling of the bank-robbing Dougherty Gang had aspirations of becoming an x-rated model.

Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, stripped down for a hardcore photo shoot just days before she and her two brothers went on their cross-country robbing and shooting spree.

The pornographic pics, leave little to the imagination. In one she poses sans pants, crouched on a bed. In another she leans over an oven in her underwear and a cropped Harley Davidson T-shirt.

The former exotic dancer posed nude for the photos after she was asked by some pals who host poker games. They wanted her to be in their promo materials, according to the gossip website.

By Lena Sullivan 08/12/2011 18:26:00