SPIN: Album reviews are as passé as albums

Thanks to a communal attention span that increasingly can't handle analysis that's more than 140 characters, SPIN has created a Twitter handle to transition away from the "redundant, gratuitous novelty" that is the long-form album review. @SPINReviews plans on initially churning out 1,500 entries for this tunes Tweet sheet, though editors will still post a limited number of longer versions online.

Of course, SPIN editors are screwed if they're planning to retroactively review Fiona Apple's 90-word album title, but it should be great fun to watch them take on the critical challenge. Who reads long-winded musical commentary anymore anyway, especially when you can pirate all the songs you want from the Internets, no research required? Simmer down, Government -- SOPA joke.

Review a great or lousy album with a tweet