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Simpsons Futurama crossover episode hints at dead of fan favorite Ralph Wiggum

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'I'm deaf' - woman claims deafness to hold onto boyfirend

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‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ canceled following disturbing report

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Mike Tyson cartoon: Former boxing champion features in new mystery-solving cartoon series

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Game show contestant insults husband's penis

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New computer-generated Bob the Builder angers fans

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Guardians of the Galaxy TV show in the works

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Which Simpsons character will die?

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The Simpson, Family Guy crossover episode slammed for Stewie’s rape joke

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Supergirl TV series set to air on CBS

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'F**k it' - Alaskan News reporter Charlo Greene quits live on-air

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Dating Naked renewed for second series

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Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig tried to sing ‘Let It Go’ and failed miserably

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Married...With Children spin off in the works

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Ellen DeGeneres spoofs Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video

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The Simpsons to meet the Tracey Ullman version of themselves in new crossover episode

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The moment Justin Bieber stripped down to his pants on TV

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Reality star Will Hayden accused of rape, child molestation

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'Chelsea Lately' finale: Naked Chelsea Handler showers with Ellen DeGeneres

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‘Dating Naked’ contestant Jessie Nizewitz sues after network failed to blur out her crotch before episode aired

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A new trailer for Beyonce and Jay Z’s upcoming HBO documentary has been released

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Black Jesus TV pilot recieves mixed reviews

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