‘Masturbation’ advert for protein shake banned, obviously

An advert for For Goodness Shakes that appeared to show men masturbating has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.   They’re-not-actually-masturbating-they’re-shaking-a-drink was the gag, which was ... Full story

The worst family Feud answer ever

GAME show tip number one: don't offend the host. Unfortunately a Family Feud contestant in the US broke this cardinal rule recently when she was asked ... Full story

How I Met Your Father is actually happening

A few weeks ago we brought you news of a potential spin-off to How I Met Your Mother that focuses on the father, and incredibly ... Full story

Is 'Poko x Tate' the most insane Japanese TV show ever?

JAPANESE TV shows are famous for wacky segments but this one definitely takes the cake. A late night Japanese show called Poko x Tate recently ... Full story

Alec Baldwin suspended by TV network MSNBC after gay slur

MSNBC isn't standing by its homophobic man. After eternally angry Alec Baldwin let loose his latest anti-gay rant — calling a NY Post photographer a ... Full story

Detroit reporter Lauren Podell's epic f-bomb floors newsreader

IT'S every TV reporters worst nightmare - dropping the biggest f-bomb of your life while cameras and microphones are rolling. Detroit journalist Lauren Podell was ... Full story

Plans for a reality show about Charlie Sheen's custody war

THIS just in: the world has officially gone mad. A US production company is spruiking a TV series profiling the real-life drama/comedy in Charlie Sheen’s ... Full story

Sinead and Miley's feud lampooned in South Park

Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus’s bitter Twitter spat is being ridiculed in tonight’s episode of South Park. Their feud hit fever pitch when Sinead penned an ... Full story

'How I Met Your Mother' to air entire episode in rhyme

How I Met Your Mother is pulling out all the stops for its final season, including an entire episode told entirely in rhyme. Fans of ... Full story

Video: Children devastated after parents pretend to eat their Halloween candy

The chat show host asked parents to violate parent-child trust for the gag, which saw people inform their children they have eaten all of their ... Full story

Marcia Wallace tribute: Last message from Bart Simpson to Mrs Krabappel

THE Simpsons has paid tribute to late cast member Marcia Wallace, who died last week aged 70. Bart scrawled a single line on the chalkboard ... Full story

Charmed gets a reboot, Alyssa Milano is NOT impressed

SUPERNATURAL series Charmed is set to get a reboot, but news that the witchy drama will be returning to our screens isn't sitting too well ... Full story

Did Modern Family rip off Seinfeld?

LAST night's episode of Modern Family has been accused on social media of ripping off a storyline from Seinfeld. In the most recent episode of ... Full story

Voice of Simpsons' Edna Krabappel dies

MARCIA Wallace, the voice of scoffing schoolteacher Edna Krabappel on 'The Simpsons,' whose wisecracking characters on 'The Bob Newhart Show' and other prime-time hits endeared ... Full story

Moment a news staffer faceplants on live TV

THERE are moments in every newsreader's career when it pays to be cool, calm and collected when something unexpected happens on live TV. Like this. ... Full story

Homeland sorry for 'conning' fans with twist

The most recent episode of Homeland was undeniably a game changer. It revealed that a lot of what has happened in season three so far has ... Full story

Former porn star Jenna Jameson appeared 'out of it' on TV show 'Good Day New York' this morning

FORMER adult film star Jenna Jameson was a mess on US television this morning. According to gossip site TMZ, the hosts of Good Day New ... Full story

Glee to end after season 6 with rewritten finale honoring Cory Monteith

Glee’s sixth season is to be the last, Ryan Murphy has confirmed, explaining how he now faces the task of rewriting the show’s ending in ... Full story

Ashton Kutcher tops the 2013 Forbes list of highest paid actors on TV

Ashton Kutcher has been named as the highest paid TV actor in the US. The Two and a Half Men star topped the annual Forbes ... Full story

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the Golden Globes for the next two years

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will return to lead the Golden Globes ceremony in 2014 and 2015 after receiving rave reviews in January when they ... Full story

Sharknado gets Avalanche Sharks follow-up

Just when you thought the joke was dead, SyFy has capitalised on the success of Sharknado by buying up a new sci-fi horror about an ... Full story

Talent contest tells teen she needs plastic surgery to look younger

Shimali De Silva is an aspiring singer who lives in Hong Kong. Originally from Australia, she made it to the final of K-Pop Star Hunt, ... Full story

Watch: Ron Burgundy's hilarious car commercial

IF YOU'RE hanging out for the Anchorman sequel, this will help, just a little bit. You can get a quick hit of Ron Burgundy in ... Full story

Pacific Rim’s Guillermo del Toro takes over The Simpsons for inspired Halloween credits

Fans of The Simpsons are in for a treat with the opening credits of the latest Halloween special – which have been given a spooky ... Full story

NBC show will send someone into space

NBC is planning a competition show with a grand prize that's out of this world: a ride into space. The network said Thursday it is teaming ... Full story

The Simpsons killing off iconic character. Who?

THE Simpsons producers are planning to kill off an iconic character this season. Executive producer Al Jean revealed his plans while speaking at a conference ... Full story

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul makes surprise SNL cameo as Jesse Pinkman

Saturday Night Live had some fun with anticipation over Sunday's "Breaking Bad" finale, with the help from Aaron Paul in a surprise cameo. Paul, who ... Full story

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s “hashtag” video is #hilarious

Long time comedy duo, late night host Jimmy Fallon and musician turn actor Justin Timberlake have teamed up again to make a hilarious video parodying ... Full story

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots perform with 'Sesame Street' cast in viral video

Another day, another viral hit for Jimmy Fallon. This time the late-night TV star has brought his vocal talents together with The Roots (his hip-hop ... Full story

Powerball jackpot winner Willie Seeley wants his old life back

“WILD” Willie Seeley’s life changed forever last month when he won a share in a Powerball jackpot worth $450 million. Now, the former warehouse manager ... Full story