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News anchor Shepard Smith delivers Ebola message everyone needs to hear

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith took three minutes of his show on Wednesday to calm fears about Ebola. “We do not have an outbreak of Ebola ... Full story

Ebola: Seven Facts About The Deadly Disease

Ebola is a virulent virus that has killed thousands during the latest outbreak and is notorious for its low survival rate among sufferers of the ... Full story

CDC confirms first case of Ebola diagnosed in US

A patient being treated at a Dallas, Texas, hospital is the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... Full story

MRI scanner captures inside view of sex

Undoubtedly NSFW: Scientists just wanted to see if it was possible to record it This is perhaps something you don’t want to see on a Sunday ... Full story

Dentists discover microbeads in Crest toothpaste

A dental hygienist in Phoenix noticed something strange in the mouths of her patients and spoke up about it. I didn't have any clue what it ... Full story

British woman cursed with huge 'expanding breasts' grows NINE cup sizes in two years

A woman has been forced to have reduction surgery after her breasts expanded nine cups sizes in just two years. Sharon, from the West Midlands, revealed ... Full story

Parkinson’s drug rasagiline gives woman uncontrollable orgasms

I’LL take what she’s taking. Scientists report that a drug prescribed to treat Parkinson’s disease has caused at least one woman to experience uncontrollable orgasms. The ... Full story

Centers for Disease Control goes to ‘Level 1′ alert over worst ebola outbreak in history

The Centers for Disease Control has increased its response to the ebola outbreak in Africa to ‘Level 1’ – the highest level for national and ... Full story

Remote-controlled contraception sounds amazing but is it susceptible to hacking?

In the latest example of mankind’s rapid descent into extreme inertia, it was announced yesterday that remote-controlled contraception could be available by 2018. Forget remembering to ... Full story

Four babies ‘cured’ of HIV in breakthrough

FOUR babies born with HIV were apparently cleared of the infection in a major breakthrough fuelling hopes of a cure for AIDS. Details of the ... Full story

Why toilet seat liners are totally pointless

ARE you one of those people who always grabs a paper liner before sitting down on the loo? Surely, you do so to prevent catching ... Full story

New drugs anti-PD1s and anti-PDL1s ‘cure’ lung cancer Health

DOCTORS are hailing a breakthrough in cancer treatment after new drugs have been found to clear tumours in cases of advanced lung cancer. One of ... Full story

Man survives motorcycle accident but his heart shifts from left to right

A MAN survived a motorcycle accident but he left doctors shocked when they went to check his heart only to find it was no longer ... Full story

Safer sex: New contraceptive will target HIV

A new double-whammy contraceptive promises to protect women from both pregnancy and HIV. The ring-shaped device releases controlled doses of one drug to guard against HIV ... Full story

Doctors discover tumor with teeth in baby’s brain

Doctors have discovered a tumor with teeth growing out of it in a baby’s brain. The rare cancer was found in a four-month-old patient in Maryland, ... Full story

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