7 ways to lower your blood pressure without medication

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In medical first, cancer patient receives 3D-printed titanium rib cage

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Tip to avoid gaining the Freshman 15

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Woman’s reason for headaches shocks doctors

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Simple water trick leads to greater weight loss, study shows

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Vampire spiders could help fight malaria but not by sucking on humans

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Man who routinely wore contact lenses while sleeping now blind in one eye

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Tiny version of human brain grown in lab

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Here are the 25 states where mutant head lice were found

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Kids who are picky eaters might develop depression, anxiety

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Jessica Alba's sunscreen under fire as parents post photos of their sunburned kids

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8-year-old boy has successful double hand transplant, talks of big plans

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French teen born with HIV in remission without drugs in world first

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Report: Traces of asbestos found in crayons, toy kits

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Red eyes after a swim? Don't blame chlorine

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Medical staff mock unconscious patient who unknowingly recorded them during colonoscopy

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This man’s blood has saved more than two million babies

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The 4-7-8 Breathing Trick That Puts You to Sleep in Seconds

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Alk5 kinase inhibitor: Have scientists just found a cure for old age? New drug rejuvenates brain AND muscle tissue

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Breast cancer patient’s picture that could save lives

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What is the strangest killer in YOUR state? Map shows the 'most distinctive' causes of death across the US

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Skin cancer sufferer shares graphic selfie to warn others against sunbeds

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How To Properly Check For Signs Of Breast Cancer

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How to save your own life when choking if nobody else is around

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10 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

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Woman once dubbed ‘half-tonne killer’ loses 800lbs

A woman who was once dubbed the ‘half-tonne killer’ after she falsely confessed to accidentally killing her nephew has lost 800lb. Mayra Rosales said she had ... Full story

Baby born still INSIDE his amniotic sac is hailed a 'medical miracle' by doctors

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT His hands and feet were clearly visible - but baby Silas Philips was in no rush to enter the world. Born still inside ... Full story

Stalking old friends and exes on Facebook can make you depressed, study finds

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Researchers find link between rise in HIV and Craigslist

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Scientists believe they have discovered a cure for baldness

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