Woman was born with no vagina; can't have sex or babies

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Bird flu strain infects human for 1st time

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Deborah Cohen pre-surgery dance-off in San Francisco inspires

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'Deadliest known substance kept secret' - botox super-toxin

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Stem cells a step closer to being used as therapy

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If your Chobani yogurt is hissing at you and tastes weird, here's why

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Huh? What? Where? 1 in 5 teenage boys have ADHD

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Audrina Cardenas: Baby born with heart outside body beats odds, heads home

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Marijuana's effect on teenagers' intelligence questioned

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Plastic surgery horror causes woman to grow bones in her eyelids

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Kids, warn your parents: It's possible to overdose on Brussels sprouts

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Depressed and anxious? It's totally your stupid sibling's fault

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Pass the salt: It may not be as bad for you as you think

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Frequent adolescent marijuana use lowers IQ

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AZ bill says women could be pregnant 2 weeks before sex

If you are a woman who will be ovulating in the next two weeks, congratulations -- you're pregnant! According to new Arizona legislation, gestational age ... Full story

Transplanted cornea, older than Statue of Liberty, still works OK

A 123-year-old cornea is believed to be the world’s oldest living organ. Certainly, its proud owner, 80-year-old Norwegian man Bernt Aune, maintains it’s the oldest ... Full story

You will surely want sunscreen after seeing this man's face

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Take a look at this very ballsy ad for cancer prevention

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Strong smells cue our brains to stop eating

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Wheelchair alternative allows Segway-like movement

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Study says ambitious people live shorter, unhappier lives

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Study says nonviolent video games are good for your brain

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Horrifying baby-swinging guru thinks it's healthy

If you haven't seen viral video footage of "baby-swinging yoga guru" Lena Fokina doing unspeakable things to crying babies, you're probably among the lucky (though ... Full story

Smokers spared from seeing horrific images on packs

Tobacco companies won't have to put graphic images on cigarette packages, thanks to a judge's ruling. A federal mandate had been in place that would ... Full story

World's first quadruple limb transplant has failed

In what was to be the world's first quadruple limb transplant, surgeons at Hacettepe University in Turkey attached limbs donated by the family of a ... Full story

Yes, you really might be addicted to ice cream

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Buyer, beware the toothbrush that can break your teeth

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a consumer safety update Thursday about a brand of electric toothbrushes that's been found to chip teeth, cut gums and generally ... Full story

High doses of new car smell could kill you

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Drinking diet soda could kill you

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Yale eggheads say obesity is contagious

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