Ostrich pillow: feel restful, look idiotic

If you thought George was a genius for concocting the under-the-desk Costanza Bed on "Seinfeld," check out the latest solution for sleep-deprived employees from designers at the Kawamura-Ganjavian architecture and design studio.

The Ostrich, which the studio describes as a "micro environment" with a "cave-like interior," is basically a sleeping bag for your head that claims to filter out those soul-sucking fluorescent lights and annoying nail-clipping sounds emanating from your neighbor's cubicle.

We predict your colleagues will do a quick about-face when they see you sprawled across your workstation, snoozing in your strange, cushy cranium cocoon -- which might be exactly what you need to ensure a restful lunch-hour respite.

Should we be able to nap at work (and have you)?