By Jamie-Rivera Published 02/16/2012 13:50:00 | Views: 381
Have you ever broken into your own car?

Via, here's a great, if eerily narrated, video showing how to break insi-- ... uh, rather, regain entry when locked out of your vehicle, using only a shoelace. First, you need to know how to tie a slipknot in the middle of the lace; from there it's a simple matter of shimmying the cord down through the crack between the car body and the door, tightening the loop over the lock button and pulling up.

It doesn't work on every car (the chance of success increases on older models) but for many drivers it's a great last-ditch effort when the keys are staring back from the ignition.

Have you ever broken into your own car?

By Jamie-Rivera 02/16/2012 13:50:00

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