By Jamie-Rivera Published 03/01/2012 13:17:00 | Views: 358
Most Delicious Sell-Out Ever: Girl Scouts Pair Up With Nestle For Cookie Candy Bars

File this under Internet non-hoax. When pictures of a Nestle-branded "Thin Mints" candy bar showed up on Reddit earlier this week, complete with Girl Scouts insignia, commenters wondered: Was this the real deal?

Turns out it is: The Girl Scouts today confirmed that the product will soon hit shelves, likely in June, when a rep predicted that there would be "some very exciting news." Gothamist, which called it "the most delicious sell-out ever," advised that the Thin Mints Crunch bar will be made of "dark chocolate cookie wafers, mint chocolate creme, airy crispies, and magic, probably," as well as 200 calories and 100 grams of fat, if you're counting.


Will you try the Thin Mints Crunch?

By Jamie-Rivera 03/01/2012 13:17:00

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