Here's how to unlock a car with a shoelace

Via, here's a great, if eerily narrated, video showing how to break insi-- ... uh, rather, regain entry when locked out of your vehicle, ... Full story


Creepy matchmaking site links sugar daddies with co-eds

Matchmaking website helps sugar daddies -- that's how the site refers to the older, largely male part of its membership -- find younger girls ... Full story

NYC sewage plant offers Valentine’s Day tours

Romance (and something else) is in the air at a Brooklyn wastewater plant. Newtown Creek Wastewater Plant Superintendent Jim Pynn is making a Valentine's Day offer ... Full story

This is how ridiculous hipsters will look in 50 years

"My friend Lisa shared everything she was eating," the elderly woman said. "It's like, who cares? It's a f***ing doughnut!" That's one of the observations ... Full story

Breastfeeding moms tell Facebook to suck it

Moms are staging nurse-ins in front of Facebook's offices worldwide to protest the social network's censorship of images on the site. One woman, Sara Hanson, is milking this ... Full story

DIY beef jerky underwear rolls out in time for Valentine's Day

Chocolate is overdone, flowers are too impersonal and even the sappiest of cards isn't always enough. This year, if you're looking for an unusual -- and ... Full story

Starbucks turns used cups into confusing Valentines

Looking for the right card for your favorite nonfat, half-caf, no-whip-loving Valentine? Don't let her toss the cup her latte came in. Until Feb. 16, Starbucks ... Full story

Caffeine-lovers in a hurry can now turn to blackout in a tube

As if it weren't already easy enough to score the world's most-widely-used drug, caffeine has a new mode of delivery that's both cheap and fast. ... Full story

Cooking spray and Photoshop can be as good as exercise

Everyone has seen those impossible-looking "Before and After" photo spreads that show how a dude can go from looking six-months pregnant to having a set ... Full story

Yes, everyone looks bad when they stumble out of bed

Last Friday, XO Jane editor Jane Pratt put out a call for "morning faces," asking readers to snap a picture of themselves as soon as ... Full story

Child’s analysis of logos cute, somewhat accurate

It's hardly scientific research, but it's definitely adorable and marketers can probably learn something from this video of a 5-year-old analyzing company logos. Cincinnati-based designer Adam ... Full story

Cheat-sheet gets you into the world's top restaurants

Every serious foodie has a restaurant-centric bucket list -- and now, they have a cheat-sheet for getting seats at 11 of the most in-demand eateries ... Full story

The sweet reason that today is National Pie Day

Does pie need a public relations campaign? It's pretty damn popular. Nonetheless, today has officially been dubbed National Pie Day by none other than the National ... Full story

Life is like a can of Krylon

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but imitation plus vandalism plus a well-placed "Forrest Gump" reference is...Hanksy. The still-unknown New York street ... Full story

Paper Ford Mustang Unveiled

This hand-made paper replica of a 1969 Ford Mustang, created by artist Jonathan Brand, looks incredible -- but the story behind it is even better. ... Full story

Jasper James 'City Silhouettes' images

No, those people pressed against plate-glass windows dozens of stories in the air aren't jumpers: They're merely the subjects of Jasper James' "City Silhouettes" series, ... Full story

What do rich & poor people have in common?

Leave it to Adam Carolla to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. The comedian's new e-book, "Rich Man, Poor Man," is a deep exploration ... Full story

Ostrich pillow: feel restful, look idiotic

If you thought George was a genius for concocting the under-the-desk Costanza Bed on "Seinfeld," check out the latest solution for sleep-deprived employees from designers ... Full story

May the fondant be with you: Meet the Stormtrooper cake

Wonder if they needed a lightsaber to cauterize this confection from the dark side: a life-size Stormtrooper cake, created specially by Oakleaf Cakes for the ... Full story

Get to third base on base: A sex toy for the military

When your significant other is dispatched overseas, your libido doesn't go AWOL -- at least not according to sex toy manufacturer RealTouch, which, in a ... Full story

Universoul Circus Provides History, Fun

ATLANTA - Step on out to Turner Field and join in on the fun at the Universoul Circus. It boasts a cast of charismatic characters ... Full story

Health Company Helps Kids Without Families

ATLANTA - The holidays always bring out the best in people and it's also a time companies get in on the giving. One local ... Full story

Gift Cards Gaining in Popularity

ATLANTA - According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an average of $145 on gift cards this holiday season - that adds up ... Full story

Social Websites for Children Rising

ATLANTA - Facebook is popular among people of all ages, but a growing number of sites are popping up designed for a younger audience. Should ... Full story

Target Stores Refund Policy

Target Stores Refund Policy A receipt dated within 90 days is required for all returns and exchanges.All returns and exchanges must be new, unused, and ... Full story

Returning a Purchase to a Target Store In-Store Return Policy   Online purchases must be returned within 90 days and must be new, unused, and contain all original packaging and accessories. A form ... Full story

Macys Returns & Exchanges Policy

RETURNING ITEMS PURCHASED AT MACYS.COMWe want you to be happy with your purchase from You may exchange or return most merchandise for a full ... Full story

Plastic Container Symbols for Food Grade Plastics

Please reference Graphics for Quick View of Numbers to look for embedded into plastic products to help determine their safety. 1. PETE: Polyethylene terephthalate ethylene, used ... Full story

lagos nigeria 23401 ( Nigerian Dating Scam )

Below are some addresses and names used by Nigerian scammers. These are addresses where they ask you to send money via Western Union or re-ship ... Full story