Women fake moans to end sex early, boost male ego

The restaurant scene from "When Harry Met Sally" taught us that women's cries of ecstasy in the midst of the final wrap-up may not exactly ... Full story


Daylight saving shift will make you (more) lazy at work

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Festival sets 'incredible' animal-nose-wearing record

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Bookstore explains the history behind the 'Keep Calm' slogan

It's a print that has launched a thousand parodies (and twice that many Etsy products) but a recently posted YouTube video explains the history behind ... Full story

Site lets users ask “Why’d you dump me?” in less-creepy way

"It's not you, it's me" is a breakup strategy that might work for George Costanza (who also claims to have invented it), but it doesn't ... Full story

Arizona bill would let parents snoop on kids' texts

Hey kids, that sext you just sent could go straight to your mom! It's currently illegal for parents to access their kids' text-message transcripts from ... Full story

More students are turning to prostitution to pay debt

Working part-time in the dining hall apparently isn't cutting it these days to help pay the bills. University students in the U.K. who don't want ... Full story

Ladies chase after men in vintage Leap Year postcards

Who knew early-20th-century artists had Leap Year memes? Slate.com has rounded up a series of classic postcards dedicated to the tradition of the fairer sex ... Full story

'Facebook Parenting' parodies take on trigger-happy dad

The video of Tommy Jordan, the gun-toting North Carolina dad who shot up his daughter's laptop, is closing in on 30 million viewers on YouTube ... Full story

Teddy bears are cuddled by 1 in 3 British adults

Aww. Wook at the wittle twaveling executive with his snuggy bear. A Travelodge survey of 6,000 Brits revealed that 35% of adults sleep with a ... Full story

You and most of your friends are addicted to the Internet

If you can't stop refreshing that browser window or scrolling through your Twitter feed, you're not alone. According to SodaHead, 61 percent of people can't ... Full story

'World's hairiest girl' is proud to be unique

This extraordinarily rare condition would be the undoing of most people, but, for Supatra Sasuphan, it's a source of pride. The 11-year-old Thai girl, known ... Full story

Disney World can be your neighbor for a price

Disney is developing a subdivision just three miles from Disney World in Orlando, but the homes aren't for typical families, and they come with a ... Full story

Crash-test family adopts its newest member

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is out with plans to repeatedly subject a 10-year-old to a slew of collision experiments. The 10-year-old in question, ... Full story

Ikea (finally) admits its instructions are confusing

Ikea, the Swedish purveyors of modernist DIY home furnishings and 50-cent hot dogs, has heard your pleas: They understand their much-parodied, wordless assembly instructions make ... Full story

'The Scream' expected to fetch $80 million at auction

The iconic work has been in an M&M's commercial, parodied by "The Simpsons" and stolen, twice. Now, the only privately owned version of Edvard Munch's ... Full story

Parade promotes idea that mustaches boost economy

If you rock a walrus better than Hulk Hogan, head to D.C. on April 1 to join other facial-hair aficionados converging for the Million Mustache ... Full story

Young guys (try to) impress the ladies with funny videos

Is "Tosh.0" the key to young love? That's what a new survey conducted by Comedy Central found (sort of). The network with an audience that consists ... Full story

Man turns Mardi Gras trash into cash

One person's Fat Tuesday trash is another's treasure -- especially for Michael Smith, who cleans up and cashes in on the post-Mardi Gras aluminum cans ... Full story

Odd holiday gear honors presidents, undead or alive

Retailers typically celebrate Presidents Day by hawking discounted cars and mattresses, but vendors on Etsy have other, more unconventional ideas in mind on how to ... Full story

Mary Kay's pink mansion is on the market

If you love the color pink, we've got the house for you. The Dallas home of late cosmetics guru Mary Kay Ash is for sale ... Full story

The dog food ad that's making everyone cry

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Here's how to unlock a car with a shoelace

Via BigStills.com, here's a great, if eerily narrated, video showing how to break insi-- ... uh, rather, regain entry when locked out of your vehicle, ... Full story

Creepy matchmaking site links sugar daddies with co-eds

Matchmaking website SeekingArrangement.com helps sugar daddies -- that's how the site refers to the older, largely male part of its membership -- find younger girls ... Full story

NYC sewage plant offers Valentine’s Day tours

Romance (and something else) is in the air at a Brooklyn wastewater plant. Newtown Creek Wastewater Plant Superintendent Jim Pynn is making a Valentine's Day offer ... Full story

This is how ridiculous hipsters will look in 50 years

"My friend Lisa shared everything she was eating," the elderly woman said. "It's like, who cares? It's a f***ing doughnut!" That's one of the observations ... Full story

Breastfeeding moms tell Facebook to suck it

Moms are staging nurse-ins in front of Facebook's offices worldwide to protest the social network's censorship of images on the site. One woman, Sara Hanson, is milking this ... Full story

DIY beef jerky underwear rolls out in time for Valentine's Day

Chocolate is overdone, flowers are too impersonal and even the sappiest of cards isn't always enough. This year, if you're looking for an unusual -- and ... Full story

Starbucks turns used cups into confusing Valentines

Looking for the right card for your favorite nonfat, half-caf, no-whip-loving Valentine? Don't let her toss the cup her latte came in. Until Feb. 16, Starbucks ... Full story