Study: when moms spend time with kids it’s usually eating, watching TV

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Coffee Makee, Bed Sheet & Cellphones: Three things you should probably clean more often

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‘Hipster Barbie’ a big hit on Instagram

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Report: Kermit the Frog has a new love interest

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Top 10 baby boy and girl names for 2014

The Social Security Administration released their list of popular baby names for 2014. Boys #10: Daniel #9: James #8: Alexander #7: Michael #6: Ethan #5: William #4: Jacob #3: Mason #2: Liam #1: Noah   Girls #10: Charlotte #9: Madison #8: ... Full story

'Wine o’clock,' 'awesomesauce' among new words in Oxford Dictionary

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Happy birthday times 3! America's oldest triplets turn 95, share fond memories

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Huggies responds to mother's complaint about baby wipes

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Community comes together to save girl's 5th birthday party

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High school student Stephanie Hughes sent home for outfit showing her collarbone

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J.C. Penney employee Sylva Stoel sent home for 'too revealing' shorts she bought at work

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'Everyone tells me I have the perfect body': Mother-of-four's photo of her stretch-marked 'mom-bod' sweeps the internet as she says it is 'sexier than a six-pack'

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Latest trend in baby names: Gender-neutral

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Vintage ‘How a Baby Is Made’ book is freaking everyone out

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Religious people are stupider than atheists – and 6 other VERY un-PC facts from science

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Mom-to-be performs handstands while 8 months pregnant - with twins

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Don’t upstage the bride: Wedding guest’s proposal totally steals bride’s thunder

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Forbes World's Most Powerful Women 2015 list: Angela Merkel and Michelle Obama make the top 15

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German woman, 65, gives birth to quadruplets

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United States of Emma: Most popular babies' names revealed state-by-state

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Map of the most racist places in America, according to Google Search

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Heather Barwick: Woman raised by lesbian couple comes out against gay marriage

A woman raised by a lesbian couple has come out against same-sex marriage, saying that having ‘another mom’ couldn’t replace the father she lost. Heather Barwick, 31, ... Full story