Over or under? Toilet paper debate solved

THE age old argument about whether toilet paper should sit over or under the roll has finally been solved. According to this 1891 patent from ... Full story


Who's the black girl in the new viagra commercial (Tish Graves-Dawkins)

Viagra Commercial 2015 Date Night. Viagra TV Spot, 'Date Night'. A woman in a blue dress explains that women love snuggling up after date night. ... Full story

'You embarrass me... I'm going to puke': Father reacts to his son coming out

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These treehouse apartments are your childhood dream come true

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Hello Barbie lands Mattel in hot water after revelations childrens’ voices are uploaded to the net

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Is it the end for the name 'Gary'?

The name 'Gary' may have once been very popular, but it appears to be on the decline. If the current trend continues, it could vanish entirely ... Full story

‘Sexist’ washing labels land sportswear company in hot water

A sportswear company which printed labels on football shirts telling owners to ‘give this shirt to a woman’ to wash it has apologised. Indonesian firm Salvo ... Full story

Utah teen Gabi Finlayson forced to wear coat to school dance after teachers said dress was indecent

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'Used but in pretty good condition': British Mom-of-two puts herself up for sale on eBay

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Sex with the woman on top is the most dangerous position for men, say scientists - but having him on top is the safest

Having a woman on top isn't quite the wild ride most men might have imagined. Scientists have learned that the 'woman on top' or 'cowgirl' position ... Full story

Genetic Sexual Attraction: 18-year-old woman opens up about marrying her father

SHE calls him peanut butter. He calls her jelly. They live together, have sex, and are planning a wedding. They are father and daughter. An ... Full story

Scientists have discovered that female ejaculation is mostly urine

‘Squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity’ Whilst male ejaculation is simply a fact of life, female ejaculation (or ‘squirting’ as it’s ... Full story

Meet the woman with the largest breasts in the world

Mayra Hills, also known as German adult model Beshine, boasts the world’s largest augmented breasts. For those who like to deal in detail, that’s a bra ... Full story

Parents outrage after Play-Doh’s penis-shaped toy ‘ruins Christmas’

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Finally! Santa caught in the act

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10 annoying Facebook posts to expect from couples this Christmas

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Life-sized gun iPhone case ideal for people who enjoy being shot by police

You might be thinking that this life-sized gun iPhone case is pretty distasteful – but sort of OK, because it’s bright pink and clearly not ... Full story

Colorado mother shocks midwives as she gives birth to a FOURTEEN pound baby daughter

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These egalitarian Lego instructions from the 1970s are pretty cool, but are they real?

Lego may have been before its time in terms of its egalitarian attitude if this letter is to be believed. The note from the 1970s, which ... Full story

Professional cuddler Samantha Hess runs business snuggling up to people craving human touch

A WOMAN who works as a “professional cuddler” charging $US60 an hour says she’s providing a valuable service. Portland, Oregon woman Samantha Hess, who runs ... Full story

Midlife crisis, marital rift, kids night out: This Mom Was Tired of Being Left Out of Family Photographs—So She Staged Her Own

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Fine to call black soldiers ‘Negroes’ according to new US Army document

CONTROVERSY has erupted over a newly published US Army regulation which states that “black or African American” personnel can be called “Negro”. The Army confirmed ... Full story

Working irregular shift reduces brain function and ‘makes you more stupid’

People who work shifts for 10 years or more may suffer loss of memory and brain power, said a study Tuesday that also warned of ... Full story

This girl’s story will make you never want to text and drive again

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Brain Cancer Patient Brittany Maynard Delays Assisted Death

The terminally ill woman, who has become the face of US right-to-die campaigning, says it "does not seem like the right time". ... Full story

Facebook, Apple pay for egg freezing

FORGET bonuses or extra leave, Facebook and Apple are offering female employees a life-changing perk: to cover the cost of egg freezing. Facebook has already ... Full story

The wife-killer map of America

A third of all women murdered in the U.S. are killed by male partners, a study has revealed. The further south couples live the more likely ... Full story

The bigger the diamond, the shorter the marriage, research suggests

They say a diamond is forever, but can it lead to divorce? New research from Emory University suggests the bigger the diamond, the shorter the marriage. But ... Full story

Malala Yousafzai receives 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

MALALA Yousafzai, the teenage Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for advocating women’s rights to education, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. ... Full story