The lost Van Gogh: Painting found in Norwegian attic is confirmed as priceless work by Dutch master

A long-lost Vincent Van Gogh painting, the first full-size canvas by the Dutch master discovered since 1928, has been identified by the Dutch Van Gogh ... Full story


Playing violent video games 'not harmful to children'

Playing violent video games such as Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto does not harm children and in some cases could actually be therapeutic, a ... Full story

What is twerking?

It’s the summer of 2013 and the whole world is talking about one thing: twerking. But what is this cultural phenomenon and why are some ... Full story

A man walks into a bar... swallows a toe in Yukon, Canada

A MYSTERIOUS man paid $500 to swallow a toe in a Canadian bar. Wait, what? Let us break this down. There was a toe. In a ... Full story

Charity's ad campaign blasts the uselessness of Facebook 'likes'

No matter how many virtual thumbs-up a charitable cause receives, folks who are truly in need receive positively zero benefit from it. Crisis Relief Singapore ... Full story

Newspaper censors the word 'vagina' in ad for 'Vagina Monologues'

Vaginas are causing serious problems in Wisconsin. The StageNorth Theatre in Washburn, Wis., was stunned when an ad the company took out for its production ... Full story

Poor math skills contribute to foreclosure, mortgage study says

Quick, what's 50 percent of $300? If you have trouble answering this question, you might want to be really careful when considering a mortgage. A ... Full story

Men who help with traditional women chores get less sex

Hey, guys, want more sex? Take off that cooking apron. According to a University of Washington study, couples in which men help out with "girlie" ... Full story

Pizza restaurant bakes heartwarming treat for deployed soldier's wife

Army National Guard Maj. Shawn Fulker is stationed in Afghanistan, but he wasn't going to let 7,500 miles stand in the way of buying his ... Full story

Men want women to cover up at work

Guys are sick and tired of staring at women's shapely thighs and cleavage all day. Wait, what? A British Heart Foundation study reportedly found that some ... Full story

Think 'red states' are dumb? Check out their public school rankings

Red states are often stuck with comments about their Republican-leaning voting records connected to a supposedly less-educated population — the implication being that dumb states ... Full story

This intricate art is fashioned from feathers

Where the rest of us might just see a feather, artist Chris Maynard sees incredible miniature artworks — all cut from birds' plumage. Maynard's brilliantly colored ... Full story

Holland Tunnel wishes commuters a dyslexic merry Christmas

Apparently, the municipal workers in Jersey City can't spell "Holland" if you spot them H-o-l-l-a-n and the d. OK, so humanity long ago waved the ... Full story

Want to be really happy? Pay lots and lots of taxes

As the U.S. edges ever closer toward falling off the fiscal cliff, it seems our friends in Germany love nothing more than paying taxes. Lots ... Full story

Want to play Santa Claus? You'd need 12 million employees to do it

It's a good thing Santa Claus is powered entirely by Christmas magic, because the logistics of delivering an estimated 760 million pounds of presents in ... Full story

This 'lobster Santa' ornament guarantees a not-so-merry Christmas

Don't put this Santa Claus ornament made from a lobster's shell on your table this Christmas — unless you want to put your adult relatives ... Full story

'Sesame Street' is going to teach kids about divorce

For the first time, "Sesame Street" is tackling what happens when Mommy and Daddy — or Mommy and Mommy or Daddy and Daddy — no longer share ... Full story

BethAnn Telford has run a marathon every year since being diagnosed with cancer:

During an 8-year battle with cancerous brain and bladder tumors, BethAnn Telford has had to relearn to walk and speak, and has lost the vision ... Full story

Pamela McColl, a publisher, is removing Santa smoking from 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

We are aware that for decades the tobacco industry targeted underage smokers. But altering an iconic piece of literature because it contains references to smoking ... Full story

Tie the knot curbside with the Vegas Wedding Wagon

Drive-thru weddings in Vegas are so two divorces ago. Why pay for gas when you can arrange for a drive-by? Just call up the Las ... Full story

Naked sand sculpture raising eyebrows on family beach

You can see a whole lot of skin on the beaches of America this summer, but God help anyone who shows off some naked sand. ... Full story

Target sells shirts to fundraise for a pro-gay marriage group

In the debate over gay marriage, Target seems hell-bent on pissing someone off. First, the national big box retailer outraged same-sex marriage supporters by donating ... Full story

Military moms under attack for breastfeeding in uniform

Moms in the military already busy defending our country are now having to defend themselves against attacks - for simply feeding their children. As any ... Full story

Jittery UK police ban word 'blacklist' for being racist

In the U.K., where one racial incident can spark riots capable of razing entire neighborhoods, it's easy to understand why watching your language is important, ... Full story

Parents livid after learning ‘B is for bomb’ in nursery school

There are many ways to illustrate the letter B for nursery school kids; for instance, a picture of a baby or a ball comes to ... Full story

Sweet apartment tower would swap balconies for pools

Take a close look at this image -- and just see if you don't feel slightly sick to your stomach. It's a rendering of a proposed ... Full story

Study tracks which cars appeal to Republicans and Democrats

The humorist Will Stanton summed up our political parties this way: "Republicans raise dahlias, Dalmatians and eyebrows. Democrats raise Airedales, kids and taxes." It turns ... Full story

Brobag writer thinks most women are bad at sex

Chris Jones is an award-winning writer for Esquire, but his essay published today on the magazine's website is something you'd expect from a trolling college ... Full story

People are happiest at age 33, according to old people

Some of us have something to look forward to. Folks are at their happiest when they're 33-years-old, according to a new survey. British website Friends ... Full story