Former officer Jefrey Shultz accused of impersonating officer after illegally passing school bus
Fake officer Jefrey Scott Shultz asks for 'professional courtesy' after passing stopped school bus

DORAVILLE, Ga. -- Police say a former officer who posed as an active officer during a traffic stop after illegally passing a stopped school bus was arrested last Wednesday.

Doraville police said the incident happened after officers saw 49-year-old Jefrey Scott Shultz driving his black Toyota Camry around a stopped school bus unloading children on Buford Highway Wednesday afternoon.

Police say after Schultz was pulled over, he started using "police jargon" and asked for "professional courtesy" claiming to be an actively employed member of law enforcement but refused to say exactly which agency he worked for, according to authorities.

The interaction between Schultz and the officer included this exchange.

Schultz: "Are you going to exercise a courtesy to me?"

Officer: "Why should I exercise a courtesy?"

Schultz: "Because number one I did not see the bus honestly."

Schultz: "I've written thousand tickets myself."

Officer: "Are you with somebody?"

Schultz: "Ugh, right now? Yeah."

Officer Gene Callaway with the Doraville Police Department said Schultz was arrested at his Cobb County home after an investigation revealed that he was actually an officer with the Hapeville Police Department - until he was terminated 10 years ago.

"Mr. Schultz is facing impersonating an officer which is a felony in the state of Georgia," said Officer Callaway.

He also said Schultz faces a misdemeanor for going around the bus.

Pius Aghadiuno
By Pius Aghadiuno 03/11/2017 12:41:00