Seun Long Vang, 32, and Chhun Nath Kheav, 26

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA  - Police say a UPS driver and his girlfriend are under arrest for stealing thousands of dollars worth of good from packages.

Authorities say Seun Long Vang, 32, and Chhun Nath Kheav, 26, are accused of stealing about $5,000 in firearms that were part of a delivery intended for Main Street Guns on July 11.

Police started investigating on July 12 after they received a call from Main Street Guns and Range that they’d received an incomplete order, and that they believed items which were missing had been stolen.

“The box that was delivered by the United Parcel Service had obvious signs of having been opened and resealed,” officials said in a statement. “Upon opening the package, it was discovered that nine of the ten guns that were supposed to be in it were missing.”

Vang, who worked for UPS, is facing felony theft by taking and drug charges while Kheav, who police said is Vang’s girlfriend, has been charged with felony theft by receiving stolen property and drug charges, according to Lilburn police.

Police said Vang allegedly left the delivery company’s office with the package that morning. They also said a different driver delivered the package to Main Street Guns.

“The employees at Main Street Guns noted that the person delivering the package was not their ‘normal’ UPS delivery person and that the package arrived much later in the day than they normally received deliveries,” officials said in a statement.

Police also said, “It was determined that Mr. Vang gave the package destined for Main Street Guns and several other packages to another driver to deliver claiming that he (Mr. Vang) was running behind schedule.”

Lilburn officials said UPS’ security personnel conducted an internal investigation into the incident, and noticed there were several inconsistencies in statements Vang allegedly made when they interviewed him on Thursday. That led to Vang’s firing.

“UPS notified Investigator Cody Belcher of Mr. Vang’s termination and their belief that Mr. Vang was responsible for the thefts,” police said. “Investigator Belcher went to Mr. Vang’s home to interview him and initially spoke to his girlfriend, Ms. Kheav, outside of the home. Ms. Kheav told Investigator Belcher that she had possession of the stolen firearms. Mr. Vang was then contacted and both were taken into custody.”

Police also executed search warrants at Vang’s home which they said led to them finding evidence that Vang stole the guns and other packages he had been assigned to deliver for UPS. Methamphetamine and marijuana were also allegedly found at home by investigators.

“Mr. Vang confessed to the theft of the firearms and other thefts from UPS packages,” officials said.

Lilburn investigators expect to file additional charges in the case once they can identify the other reportedly stolen items that were discovered at Vang’s home, and then tie them to specific UPS package that police said he was supposed to deliver.

“UPS is eagerly working with Lilburn PD in this investigation and it must be noted that their assistance has been vital in solving this case,” city officials said.