Pregnant Woman Daysha Brock Fatally Shot; Baby Dies After Delivery

LITHONIA, Ga. -- A pregnant woman was killed in a shooting that left her husband wounded, DeKalb County police said. They said doctors delivered the baby boy, but he died shortly after.

The shooting happened at the Retreat at Stonecrest apartments in Lithonia just after midnight Sunday. Relatives identified the victims as 21-year-old Daysha Brock and her 23-year-old husband, minister Chris Brock. They said the couple spent years trying to conceive and will never see their dream fulfilled.

"She was five months pregnant. They've been trying for three years. Three years," said LaChunna Bryant-Blake, Daysha Brock’s aunt.

Bryant-Blake said the couple and their 7-year-old goddaughter pulled up to the apartment’s security gates and noticed a silver car behind them. She said Chris Brock thought the men looked suspicious and didn't want them to get in when he went through.

"He was moving slow, so they couldn't come in behind him. He wanted them to follow the proper procedure," she said.

But the men got in anyway, police said. When Brock parked, he, his wife and their goddaughter began walking to their apartment and the men in the silver car suddenly showed up and started shooting, police said.

"He said, ‘Auntie, they didn't even have to pull out the guns. It was already cocked, and they just lit fire on us,’" Bryant-Blake said. "He said, 'I'm just screaming, "Why y’all shooting at us?" '"

The expectant mother was hit in the chest, police said. Her husband told Bryant-Blake he ran after the men and was hit in the arm. Daysha Brock died on the way to the hospital, and her baby didn’t make it either. Her husband is trying to understand why the shooting happened.

"He is relying on his faith to pull him through," Bryant-Blake said.

Bryant-Blake said the bullet shattered the minister’s arm and he may not be able regain use of it. The shooter and the men with him are still on the loose, police said. Anyone with information is asked to contact DeKalb County police.

By WSBTV 05/02/2011 12:10:00

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pastorant 06/22/2011 16:59:15
seems a bit suspicious to me. it seems that mr. brock knows more than he's saying. when i looked at the video of him in the hospital he didn't appear to be too innocent. after all why shoot her in the chest and him in the arm. why kill her and leave him alive. he initiated the whole thing not her. he notices the car not her this time of night. who is that alert. silver car? what kind. he ran after them who would do that and they've already killed your wife most people wouldn't run after nobody with guns and my pregnant wife is left for dead? i see smoke.and where there is smoke there usually is fire. if i was the family id press the investigators to press him.
LithoniaMan 08/24/2011 18:34:34
None of this seems right to me. It says he was trying to stop *** car from getting in but it got in anyway. Did *** silver car still squeeze in with his car? Did *** silver car come in with another car? If so then there should be another witness that saw *** silver vehicle. Why run after men that just shot at you? Most people would run to *** aide of their family first. And at night if you can notice what color a car is what was *** make and model? How many men did he see? How many shooters? This entire shooting seems very suspicious. I hope dekalb police are quietly buidling a case and not just letting this one go cold. I haven't heard anything on *** news about it which concerns me.
diontria bryant 03/21/2012 17:44:50
They still havent found My sisters killer , i bust out in tears every day randomly most of the time i think of her it all just seem soo Unreal , it still Havent hit me yet i Honestly think about her everyday and the nephew i could Have had.
Valencia Bryant 09/11/2014 12:36:09
It also seems very suspicious to me as well. My sister was very innocent didn't want anything but to start a family with the guy she loved &' the guy we thought we could all trust. I cry my eyes out daily praying my sister comes to me with answers on who and this was done to her. I am very disgusted with Mr. Brock. He'* still walking, talking, and breathing just fine while my sister has family wishing we could just see her, hear, and see that beautiful smile just one more time. We still have no answers on who did this to my sister and that'* what'* sickening. I was 16 when my sister was quickly snatched away from me.. I'm about to be 20 this year and still no answers? She never did anything wrong, never so I don't understand why this happened to her. If you didn't want to be with my sister anymore all you had to do was leave .. You didn't have to have her murdered and taken away from everybody that TRUELY loved her. I have no respect whatsoever for Mr. Brock nor his family. We live with this hurt daily while he has moved on with life, but her family refuse to give up on who did this to my sister. If it takes decades for us to find you and put you down WE WILL! But you won't be able to hide too much longer whoever you are! Daysha didn't deserve this!
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