62-Year-Old Lettie Robinson Dragged From MARTA Bus

62-Year-Old Lettie Robinson Dragged From MARTA Bus Belinda McMillan
Belinda McMillan

ATLANTA -- A 62-year-old woman was dragged from a MARTA bus Sunday night, Atlanta police said.

Witnesses told police the victim, Lettie Robinson, got off the bus on Route 51, Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones said. She said Robinson turned around to get back on the bus, where she had forgotten her purse, but her arm got caught in the door.

The bus driver, Belinda McMillan, continued driving while Robinson’s arm was stuck, dragging her more than 60 feet, Jones said. McMillan eventually stopped after someone drove their car in front of the bus to stop her, Jones said. She said McMillan then drove around Robinson and left the scene.

When a MARTA route supervisor tracked the bus down, McMillan reported that Robinson had turned toward the bus and began banging on the door, Jones said. McMillan added that Robinson ran alongside the bus and tripped and fell in the street, Jones said.

Robinson, who requires a walker, suffered a broken arm, as well as cuts on her legs and head, Jones said.

McMillan was charged with reckless conduct and placed on administrative leave, pending a MARTA internal investigation and an investigation by Atlanta police.

By WSBTV 05/09/2011 11:21:00