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Crawford Mother Johnette Nation Pretends Son Has Incurable Disease

Crawford Mother Johnette Nation Pretends Son Has Incurable Disease

Family members say that the mother of a 7-year-old Oglethorpe County boy falsely claimed he had an incurable disease.

Nathan Leggett's grandparents say the boy’s mother, Johnette Nation, told them he was dying of equine encephalitis.

Within days of supposedly being diagnosed with the deadly disease, a Facebook group was created, a local newspaper published a story on Leggett and money began to pour in.

“Our whole family broke down because we thought he really did have this disease,” said Mary Loggans, the boy’s grandmother.

“We were all at the hospital crying and she told us he was dying," said Wayne Loggans, Nathan’s grandmother.

But after a couple weeks, they started to have serious questions.

“We just noticed he wasn't sick. He had too much energy to be sick,” said Wayne Loggans.

Family members say Nathan’s father -- who is divorced from Nation -- went to the hospital and pulled the records this week and found out the little boy was fine.

“The CT scan, the spinal tap -- everything that she said showed infection was fine. There was no infection to begin with. She made all this up. I don't know why she did that, but it was all made up,” said Mary Loggans.

The Oglethorpe County sheriff has referred this case to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who are looking into the incident.

“She put jars out in all the stores in Oglethorpe County, people were sending money in the mail. People were giving me money where I work, where my husband works,” said Mary Loggans.

Family members say Johnette Nation tried to commit suicide on Thursday, the same day a judge awarded Nathan’s father full temporary custody.

“She needs help, Get her help,” said Wayne Loggans.

“Thank God has healthy. I’m just glad he’s not dying. But what if she hadn't got caught? In two months what would have happened? Would she have actually killed her own son,” said Mary Loggans.

Family members say Nathan was briefly sick because of a problem with medication. They say they don't know and may never know why his mother would make up such the story.

If you did donate money to help Nathan's treatment you should contact the Oglethorpe County Sheriff’s Office or the GBI.