Defective water meter leads to wild water bills in DeKalb Co.


DeKalb County says a defective meter caused all kinds of water problems for two sisters in Lithonia. They've gotten four bills this month for their water service, including one that said they owed $5,000.

Geneva and Treva Bibbs-Bugg said they knew their June bill had to be wrong.

"Right off the bat knew, OK this is a mistake. There is no way I owe five grand," said Geneva.

Treva  added, "We have not had a flood here, no pipes have burst. There's nothing catastrophic. I know you don't want us to pay water for the whole neighborhood, so obviously there's a problem and we want to get  this straightened out."

The twin sisters emailed and called water officials. Within days, they were sent a new bill for much less.

"I was OK with the $74 bill, because that's more along the lines of what we usually pay," said Geneva Bibbs-Bugg.

But just two days later, the sisters got another bill, this time for $202.

"I'm not paying $202. OK? I put that in that email. I'm not paying $202, I know that that is not right," said Geneva.

DeKalb seemed to agree and two days later, they quoted the sisters another amount due --the fourth for the same service period -- of $124.

They paid up, but the two public school educators are now worried they won't be able to afford whatever is coming their way with the next bill.

"We certainly don't want this looming over our heads all summer while they try and figure out  whatever it is they need to do," said Treva.

DeKalb Watershed Management told FOX 5 that a broken meter caused four different incorrect readings, which led to four different incorrect bills. They say the meter has been fixed and the correct amount due is about $87.

By Staff Writer 06/20/2013 16:37:00

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