Cobb County OKs new police training center

A Georgia county has approved the purchase of a vacant property that will become a new training center to help handle the needs of its ...

Stacey Abrams' trying to mobilize Georgia's sporadic voters

Matrice Peavy is thrilled to see a young staffer for Georgia's Democratic gubernatorial nominee on her front stoop, and the 46-year-old mom assures the canvasser ...  Visit website

Deputies investigate armed robbery at Forsyth County fast food restaurant

Deputies in Forsyth County are investigating a reported takeover-style robbery at a fast food restaurant.It happened at the McDonalds on Keith Bridge Road around 5 ...  Visit website

Motorcyclist, bicyclist involved in deadly collission

Two people are dead in Henry County after a motorcycle collides with a person on a bicycle early Friday morning. ...  Visit website

Search intensifies after bodies found in Michael's wake

Rescuers intensified efforts Saturday to find survivors who might be trapped amid the ruins of a small Florida Panhandle community nearly obliterated by Hurricane Michael, ...  Visit website

SWAT team surrounds Paulding County home

A SWAT team surrounded a Paulding County home Saturday afternoon after a report of a suicidal person.It happened at home along Victoria Heights Drive. The ...  Visit website

Car slams into home in southwest Atlanta

Close call in southwest Atlanta Friday night after a car slams into a home.Police say the crash happened in the 1400 block of Westridge Road.The ...  Visit website

Deputies: 6 shot outside fast food restaurant in Spartanburg

Six people were shot outside a popular 24-hour fast food restaurant in Spartanburg, South Carolina late Friday night.It happened in the parking lot of the ...  Visit website

Police: Suspect steals $6,000+ worth of supplements

The Duluth Police Department needs your help identifying the person accused of stealing supplements from a GNC store.According to a post on the Duluth Police ...  Visit website

Pres. Trump to meet with American Pastor Andrew Brunson freed from Turkey

President Donald Trump awaited an Oval Office meeting Saturday with Andrew Brunson, the American pastor who returned to the U.S. around midday after he was ...  Visit website