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Company refuses to answer questions about stolen $1.8 million they purposely left unguarded

DEKALB COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - A smoky silhouette, seen through the fogged up lens of an ATM camera, is the only image police have of a man who ...

Pill caps with timers aim to fight opioid epidemic

ATLANTA (CBS46) - Overdoses from illegal drugs like heroin and legal prescription pain killers are to blame for a decrease in life expectancy in the US. ...  Visit website

Impact of potential Amazon move to Atlanta

DORAVILLE, GA (CBS46) - Amazon's decision to seek a second headquarters location is inspiring cities to dream big. What part of that dream could be a problem? Amazon ...  Visit website

Man arrested, accused of stealing signs from Atlanta City Hall

(Source: Fulton County Jail) ATLANTA (CBS46) - A man was arrested Thursday at the campaign headquarters of Atlanta mayoral candidate Ceasar Mitchell, according to authorities, after he ...  Visit website

Police search for 'lottery bandit' in Floyd County

(Source: Floyd County Police Department) FLOYD COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - Police say they need your help in their search for a lottery bandit in Floyd County. The Floyd ...  Visit website

Blind dog, seeing eye cat need home

FULTON COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - It's a lesson in friendship taught by the most unlikely pair. "When she moves away, he goes and he looks for her, or ...  Visit website

Suspect caught stealing from ambulance in DeKalb County

(Source: DeKalb County Police Department) DEKALB COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - Someone was caught stealing items out of an unlocked ambulance in DeKalb County.  The incident occurred on Sept. ...  Visit website

Better Call Harry: Road fix, one year later

DEKALB COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - Have you heard the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease?” In this case, the squeaky wheel is a New Yorker living ...  Visit website

Maria kills 15 in Dominica, leaves Puerto Rico dark for months

(CNN) -- Hurricane Maria picked up steam Thursday afternoon, turning streets into raging rivers as it continues its deadly tear across the Caribbean. The storm has ...  Visit website

Georgia Tech protester curses at media while leaving jail

ATLANTA (CBS46) - Vincent Castillenti was in no mood to stop and talk as he bonded out of the Fulton County Jail. “F*** you! F*** the media!” ...  Visit website

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