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US Navy ship fires flares at Iranian patrol boat

Iran's Revolutionary Guards said the US Navy had approached their patrol shipsThe vessels were in the Persian Gulf and Iran claim the US' move was ...

South Africa elephant bull chases off a pride of lions

A fearless elephant was filmed charging off a pride lions near a watering holeThe video from South Africa shows two female Lions scattering into the ...  Visit website

Chinese host collapses on air as audience claps

A television host dramatically collapsed unconscious during a live broadcastZhang Han was presenting an awards show in front of a live audience in ChinaSome audience ...  Visit website

Tourist dances at pool party with a watermelon on his head

A tourist was caught on camera dancing with a watermelon on his head at a clubHe seemed oblivious to everyone else at the party on the ...  Visit website

The beautiful and bizarre World Bodypainting Festival

Model were transformed into striking works of art for the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria this weekendThe event saw participants decorated not just in paint ...  Visit website

Quebec man wins second lottery in 9 years

Jules Parent, who won his latest jackpot from an online play worth $3.20 CAD, had about a one in 23 million chance, according to Loto-QuebecHe ...  Visit website

Georgia Ezra's tips to turn home into health sanctuary

An interior designer reveals how you can turn your home into a health sanctuaryGeorgia Ezra saw an improvement in her health after moving into ...  Visit website

Missouri man 'tossed' tv off balcony injuring woman below

Otishus Kirkwood, 36, is accused of throwing a television off a balcony onto a woman three floors below The Thursday incident left a woman critically injured, ...  Visit website

Musk hands over 30 Model 3 electric cars to early buyers

Tesla CEO Elon Musk handed over first 30 Model 3 cars to employee buyersOutside the Fremont, California factory, Musk showed off the $35,000 cars Musk said ...  Visit website

Men who 'tortured shark' posted other pics of animal abuse

A viral video showed a shark being dragged behind a boat at high speedsSome of men allegedly involved have posted other pictures of abusing wildlifeThe ...  Visit website