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LeBron explains calling Trump a bum and why he spoke out

LeBron James posted a video on Saturday calling for national unity while criticizing President Donald Trump for ‘using sports as a platform to divide us' Earlier ...

Meghan Markle joins Prince Harry at Invictus games

Meghan Markle joined crowds in the stands at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday night She was seated next to friend Markus Anderson and ...  Visit website

US East Coast residents are urged monitor Hurricane Maria

The National Weather Service urged US residents on the East Coast to monitor the hurricane on Sunday It is expected to barrel up towards The Bahamas ...  Visit website

Two officers shot by man they suspect shot wife first

Officers Eric Pessino and Scott Shumway were responding to a domestic shooting at a multifamily home Saturday morning in New Haven, Connecticut When the officers arrived, the ...  Visit website

John Hurt's ex-wife says she will always love him

Donna Hurt, 69, married film legend Sir John Hurt in the 1980sHe passed away from pancreatic cancer in January this year at the age of ...  Visit website

Letter reveals how Charles sought second opinion on Diana

Sir John Batten, who treated Diana, believed 'dangerous condition' was genetic A Royal Household doctor and two medics were also said to share his concernsViews were ...  Visit website

Did we REALLY foster a bomber?

Penny and Ron Jones were settled in their living room when armed police calledRon, 89 and Penny, 71, were ordered to leave everything behind in ...  Visit website

Body language expert on Prince Harry and Melania Trump

Prince Harry's closed hands and reluctant smile showed he was 'subdued', body language expert Patti Wood saidThe 33-year-old did not appear to want to look ...  Visit website

Last pictures of British head teacher murdered in Amazon

Emma Kelty was killed just three days after she waved goodbye to the localsVillagers said last foreign kayaker to pass through area had been murderedThey ...  Visit website

Prince Harry slams 'pill will fix everything'-mentality

Prince Harry is in Canada for the opening of the Invictus Games, an event for disabled servicemen he foundedThe royal, 33, was whizzed around a ...  Visit website