'Wrap your legs around my head': Married Fox weatherman Geoff Fox fired after 'inappropriate' sexting chats with female photographer

Shamed meteorologist Geoff Fox has lost his job after bosses found out about sexually explicit webchats with photographer Zoel Kennedy, right

A married TV weatherman has been fired after an inappropriate conversation he had on Facebook with another woman was published on the internet.

Geoff Fox was told to leave Fox Connecticut when his bosses became aware of the dialogue, which was of an explicit and sexual nature.

The transcripts of his chat with a photographer named Zoel Kennedy were published on a blog and went viral before somebody at the TV studio noticed.

The conversation appeared under the headline: ‘Married Fox News Weatherman Caught Sexting With a Photographer.’

Fox Connecticut, which has the motto: ‘Trusted, experienced, accurate’ said that Fox’s conduct was ‘inappropriate’ and that he had been asked to leave 18 months into the job.

But in a post on his blog ‘My Permanent Record’, Fox wrote to his former bosses imploring them to take him back.

He wrote that he was ‘on my knees begging you to reconsider your decision’ and that he would make up for it.

He wrote: ‘I had no idea this private conversation would be made public, but what I did was still wrong even if it had remained private.

‘This is a very difficult time for my family. I betrayed a trust with my wife and daughter which won’t be mended quickly. I have made promises to them I intend to keep.

‘Losing my job is also very difficult.

Shamed meteorologist Geoff Fox was fired from his job as a weatherman for 'inappropriate conduct'

Bosses of TV weatherman found him guilty of 'inappropriate conduct' by reading his exchanges with Zoel Kennedy

Geoff Fox's dialogue with Zoel Kennedy was referred to by his employer as 'sexual dialogue of a graphic nature'

Married father Fox admitted on his blog that what he did was wrong and asked his bosses for another chance

‘You probably noticed I wrote about my work there with a smile on my face. I was proud to work there and proud of what we offered the public.

‘It was the best job I ever held.’

The post before on the blog was about a visit Fox made to his neurosurgeon in which he talks about a successful operation.

The doctor’s advice to him from now on was to take it easy and ‘don’t be an idiot’.

The firing was the second time in 18 months Fox had been given his marching orders.

Shamed meteorologist Geoff Fox posted a letter on his blog Sunday night begging WTIC (Fox Connecticut) for his job back

Weatherman Geoff Fox has been working for Fox Connecticut for 18 months before he was fired

Fox's explicit Facebook chat with a female photographer was uploaded to a makeshift blog called 'Under Cover White Folks We Are Watching'

Fox's explicit Facebook chats with a female photographer were uploaded to a blog and drew the attention of his bosses

He had previously worked at Connecticut TV channel WTNH for 26 years but in January last year, despite being a hit with viewers, he was summarily dismissed upon his return from holiday.

At the time Fox wrote on his blog: ‘A few weeks ago when I learned there would be no new contract for me I was told I’d return on-air at WTNH following my vacation.

‘That will not happen’.

Viewers responded by calling Fox an ‘icon’ and calling for a boycott of WTNH in support of him whilst a Facebook page in support got 9,273 likes.

A spokesman for Fox Connecticut said: ‘As this is a personnel matter, FOX CT will offer no further comment or details surrounding Mr Fox’s dismissal’.

This is the second time in 18 months that Fox had been given his marching orders

Sacked: This is the second time in 18 months that Fox had been given his marching orders


By Lena Sullivan 11/21/2012 11:21:00

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Anonymous 11/21/2012 17:49:28
Please take this down. This is uncalled for. The pics and the conversations are not yours. They are Geoff's so please remove this or be reported. thanks.
Katy 11/29/2012 12:01:28
It's a news story that is now common knowledge. They don't need to take it down. The photos were taken from a social site that were available to the public.
paul wozniak 11/23/2012 14:42:15
Never trust a black ***** ! its not come its c**!!!!!!!!!!!
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timmy sandbagger 11/23/2012 14:51:43
the meats gone bad !! Im timmy i can teach you to lick c*** if you want ??
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Lou Masulli 11/25/2012 19:48:00
Since Geoff's indiscretion has come to light, I have seen a lot of negative news reports and comments about him on the Internet, but I am sure a lot of the people doing the talking do not know Geoff very well. I am just a viewer and do not know him personally, but I have read his blogs and watched him on TV for years. I feel that this should be seen in the context of his life as a whole, especially the last couple of years. He has done a lot for Connecticut and Charities for years including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for the Cure. In the past two years, Geoff lost his job at WTNH, he found out that his mother has Alzheimer's and in the last few months he has had serious back pain that required him to have several epidurals and back surgery (which occurred around the same time has this incident). This is a lot of stress for anyone. When Geoff lost his job at WTNH the viewers rallied around him, trying to get his job back or find him another job in Connecticut because we didn't want to lose him. I doubt if very many news persons have had the amount of support that he got when they left their jobs. This is because so many of us like him. A few years ago, Geoff apologized for a botched forecast even though all the weatherpersons in the area had the same forecast. At the time this had gotten national attention in many newspapers because it was so unusual if not unprecedented for a weatherperson to do this. For this and many other reasons, many people who have watched Geoff over the years still support him.

I don't know if his indiscretion has been a recent thing or if it is a long time character flaw, but he is human and anyone under this much stress could crack and do something they later regretted. I feel that one cannot look at one incident in a persons life and be able to judge them based on that alone. I am very saddened at seeing someone I admired for years fall so far so fast. I do not condone his behavior, but I don't feel he deserves to be condemned either.
Katy 11/29/2012 11:59:32
The man was in violation of his contract. He broke his contract and therefore was fired because of it. Why should he be above the rules? Why not feel a little compassion to his wife, daughter and parents because they didn't deserve to be publicly humiliated like this because of his actions. I doubt this was the first time, not by the way he was so comfortable at writing this.
Jeff 11/26/2012 11:51:10
Cry me a river...
Bob 11/26/2012 14:43:55
This guy was AN idiot to text this crap.

Meanwhile all of the gay weathermen are picking up young trash teens, but no one cares.
Mike Hunt 11/26/2012 19:51:22
You people are a**holes. The man did alot of good and even if this wasnt, it was a private matter and I hope he sues the **** out of FOXCT and whoever posted that. Clinton stuck a cigar up some trollups snatch and that was ok and he kept his job. All this guy did was flirt in poor taste.I am sure he has paid enough for it .
G 11/27/2012 11:25:42
Even though he was in the wrong & not defending his actions, she set him up. After hearing her replies & answers on a radio station interview this morning, she was out to get publicity & set him up. She's a small time "photographer" looking for her 15 min of fame... proof is on her FB account. Apparently she attempted to "FB friend" most of the CT media (including the radio station she was interviewed on!) weeks before & Fox was the one to fall for the trap. Cost him his job, and she got what she wants... publicity. Hope she gets a bat to the head sometime soon. Karma's a *****.
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Are You Kidding Me..Really People 11/27/2012 19:38:53
@ G...It's amazing. America is so racist. When all the white girls came out the closet on Tiger they were deemed as the victims. Anytime anyone exposes something personal about someone with some kind of celebrity status it's always about their fame and the $$$ that they want to come with it. And the major culprits of situations like this are white women. BUT this time it happens to be a black woman so she's scum...lol No, he should have directed his mouth, hands, tongue, attention, and sexual conversations to his wife. Any fool knows Facebook is a "social media" outlet. How dumb can a person be to "post" any kind of explicit conversation and expect it to remain "private"...woooow no matter how many times the professionals tell us to mind what we say and do on the internet some fool thinks they are isolated from the harmful affects of "putting your own dirty laundry in the cyber streets"! Now pull of your big boy pants, take the whipping and keep it movin!
Katy 11/29/2012 11:53:32
It's his own fault he got fired. He knew he had a morality clause in his contract, as most people that are in the news business do, and yet he fell for this... the man who is always touting he's a computer geek and has on more than one occasion advised people to be aware how public social media sites can be. I liked him, but he was his own downfall.. it does take two to tango folks and I doubt anyone held a gun to his head and made him write this.
Sue 11/29/2012 21:11:29
He knew what he was doing He was outed by her jealous boyfriend I feel sorry for his wife daughter and parents You can be sure this was not the first time he engaged in this type of behavior He got caught Why would he risk his job which he was lucky to get ?
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