By Lena-Sullivan Published 03/04/2012 14:27:00 | Views: 388
Do you think GMO crops will help end world hunger?

The natural-food blogosphere is apoplectic about a Gates Foundation $27 million investment in Monsanto and recent comments by Bill Gates in support of genetically modified seeds for for growing crops in the developing world.

Unfortunately for Gates, the genetically modified crops he championed have been criticized in his hometown newspaper in an opinion piece that accuses him of "neo-imperialism" and cites 900 scientists who argue traditional farming techniques outperform GM crops.

While the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation counters that GM crops make up a small portion of their program, maybe they should stick to other techniques, like plans to use high-tech applications to analyze fields and help farmers swap growing tips.


Do you think GMO crops will help end world hunger?

By Lena-Sullivan 03/04/2012 14:27:00

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