By Lena-Sullivan Published 02/17/2012 13:58:00 | Views: 360
What was your worst nightmare as a kid?

What seems like a bad dream -- being strip-searched in front of your schoolmates -- seems to have actually happened to a Georgia seventh-grader, who is now suing the school officials responsible. Three students in the Clayton County middle school were suspected of having marijuana; one of those three ratted out the seventh-grader, referred to in court documents as only D.H.

D.H. was strip-searched in front of the original trio of students, the Associated Press reports, right down to his Superman underpants -- and since then, he says he's suffered emotional trauma due to Superman-centric taunts and bullying. (No marijuana was found.) "His trust is broken," D.H.'s mother told The Daily News.

What was your worst nightmare as a kid?

By Lena-Sullivan 02/17/2012 13:58:00

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