Luis Mallett

29-year-old Luis Mallett has been accused of stealing from a bank, then fleeing the scene in an Uber ride -- but according to prosecutors, that's only part of the story.

Mallett, allegedly robbed the Santander Bank on Pleasant Street in Weymouth by passing the teller a note saying he had a bomb and demanding money.

According to WFXT, the money was allegedly to pay his check at the Ninety-Nine Restaurant nearby.

A man who lives nearby said that after robbing the bank, Mallett approached him asking for an Uber ride because his sister was having trouble.

That neighbor then used his own smartphone to hail an Uber for Mallett. Shortly after he left, police arrived with a K-9 they were using to track Mallett from the bank robbery.

Using the Uber app, police were able to follow Mallett back to the restaurant where he allegedly used the stolen money to pay his bill and even tip the waitress.

Mallett was charged with unarmed robbery and false report of an explosive device. Police said there were also active warrants charging him with larceny over $250, larceny under $250, larceny of a motor vehicle and receiving stolen property.