Drive-thru worker Sky Juliette Samuel ‘smeared period blood on burger of customer with a bad attitude’

Police say they arrested a drive-thru employee after she was accused of smearing menstrual blood and saliva on the burger of a customer she thought had a bad attitude. ... Full story


Pearl Moen: Teen who stabbed woman 21 times writes in diary: 'It was absolutely fantastic'

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — A teenager who wrote how fantastic it was to stab a woman 21 times has agreed to plead guilty to attempted ... Full story

What are sanctuary cities? Here's a list of sanctuary cities, counties, states

President Donald Trump ordered cuts in federal grants Wednesday for cities that protect offer safe harbor for undocumented immigrants. ... Full story

Teacher Pete Hernandez arrested after his 'tongue fell into the mouths of his first-grade students'

A former first grade school teacher has been arrested after his ‘tongue fell into the mouths’ of three girls in his class ... Full story

Dallas teacher Thao 'Sandy' Doan blackmailed after having sex with student

Dallas Police say a middle school teacher who had sex with her teenage student was later blackmailed for thousands of dollars by the student to ... Full story

NC man Billy Williams accidentally shoots, kills wife Gina Williams mistaken for burglar

GOLDSBORO, NC – The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office say they are investigating after a man accidentally shot and killed his wife Friday when she ... Full story

Michigan teen Lestina Smith faces life imprisonment for rape after 'forcing man to have sex at knifepoint'

Police say a 17-year-old girl has been arrested after allegedly holding down a 19-year-old man at knifepoint and raping him. ... Full story

FIRST PIC: Baby abducted at birth 18 years ago meets REAL parents for first time

A GIRL snatched from her biological parents just eight hours after she was born has finally met her family for the first time in 18 ... Full story

Dad ‘catches female dance teacher Lauren DeBenedetta having sex with his 15-year-old stepdaughter’

Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies say they have arrested a married female dance teacher accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl. ... Full story

Texas teacher Alexandria Vera is sentenced after admitting to having sex with student

A Houston, Texas teacher who had daily sex with a 13-year-old student in her class and became pregnant with his baby has been jailed for ... Full story

Florida teen snatched from hospital as baby found in South Carolina defends kidnapper Gloria Williams

A TEENAGE girl snatched from a hospital as a baby 18 years ago has defended her "kidnapper mother” claiming “she is no felon”. ... Full story

Suspect Markeith Loyd on the run after female cop shot NINE times in Florida

Orlando police say a GUNMAN is at large after walking past a female cop and shooting her "nine times". One witness revealed the unnamed police ... Full story

Five shot dead and nine wounded at Fort Lauderdale airport

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Travelers passing through Florida's Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport described chaos Friday morning when a person opened fire at a baggage claim. Witnesses, including former ... Full story

‘F*** white people’ Black youths kidnap and torture white man on Facebook Live

FOUR people have been charged over a shocking Facebook Live video showing black youths allegedly torturing a disabled man as they shout “f*** white people". ... Full story

SC mom Latigra Heath accused of exposing herself in front of her kids in barbershop

ROCK HILL, S.C. – A South Carolina mother was arrested after police said she exposed herself to a group of men, in front of her ... Full story

Olive Garden server Jason Kisner tells customers he has cancer to get more tips

SOUTHAVEN, MS - A waiter at the Olive Garden in Southaven is now off the job after customers said he asked them for an additional ... Full story

Former counselor Kirstie Bean accused of sexual assault of 15-year-old Boy

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Police say a former detention center youth counselor has been arrested after she was accused of sexually assaulting a teenager who was ... Full story

Pennsylvania mom Sheri Shermeyer suffocates baby son, kills self in murder-suicide

YORK, Pa. — Police in Pennsylvania are investigating after they say a mother intentionally suffocated her 12-month-old son before taking her own life in an ... Full story

Man checking lottery tickets unmoved by armed robbery taking place

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Doctor discovers baby's legs protruding from mother's womb

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Dismembered teen Grace Packer’s stepmum Sara Packer arrested over her murder

A suburban Philadelphia teenager, who was reported missing back in July, has been found dead and dismembered, according to the District Attorney. Her own mother ... Full story

Louisiana teacher Heidi Domangue accused of having sex with three students

A Louisiana teacher is behind bars accused of sleeping with three underage students at her home. ... Full story

Police arrests nine after finding little girl living in an insect-infested box

A LITTLE girl who was forced to live in a wooden box infested with insects has been rescued. ... Full story

Indiana mom Sascha Collins beat kids for opening Christmas gifts early, police say

GREENFIELD, Ind. – Police say they arrested an Indiana mother accused of beating her two children who opened their Christmas presents early, according to court ... Full story

NC teacher Summer Sparrow suspended after 'sex with student, 17, and letting him take nude pic in bed'

A North Carolina teacher is in hot water for allegedly having sex with a student after picking him up at a car wash. Summer Sparrow, 41, ... Full story

Texas mom arrested after calling police for help

FORT WORTH, Texas - Activists are planning to rally Thursday evening because of a video that shows a Fort Worth officer arresting a woman who called ... Full story

Wisconsin mom finds out daughter has secret identical TWIN while shopping for her Christmas present

A Wisconsin woman attempted to get her daughter the perfect gift for Christmas – but never expected this. It’s always nice to get a few surprise ... Full story

Parents Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller arrested in ‘worst case of child abuse’ nurses say they’ve ever seen

OWASSO, Okla. - Two people in Oklahoma have been arrested in what nurses described as "the worst case of child abuse they had seen." On Saturday, the parents, 25-year-old ... Full story

North Carolina high school teacher Jessica Greene arrested for having sex with a male student

Davie County, NC - Sheriff's deputies say they have arrested a teacher and charged her with having sex with a male student. Jessica Welch Greene, 27, ... Full story

Texas teacher Laura Lozano caught NAKED with her student in her car

A TEACHER was caught nude from the waist down on the backseat of her car with a naked underage student, according to police. Police say the ... Full story