Orlando gunman's father blames nightclub for shooting

Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen, ha suggested that the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub could have been prevented if they had ... Full story


Riviera hotel and casino comes down

The famous hotel and casino that was the inspiration for the Martin Scorsese mob hit “Casino” has gone bust, or rather boom. The iconic Las Vegas ... Full story

Teen Jordan Brown convicted of killing father's fiancée, unborn child released from juvenile detention

A boy, then 11 years old, convicted of the killings of his father’s fiancée and her unborn child was recently released from juvenile detention, according ... Full story

Photos: Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting leaves 50 dead, 52 injured

Officials say 50 people are dead and 53 injured after gunfire broke out at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday, police said. The gunman is ... Full story

At least 50 dead, 52 injured in Orlando nightclub Pulse shooting

A mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando is being investigated by the FBI as an "act of terrorism" after an unidentified gunman "with ... Full story

Bronx hospital employee 'masturbates himself to death while watching adult film'

An unnamed Bronx hospital worker, 48, was found dead by a colleague in an isolated spot of the hospital.  According to local reports, the man may ... Full story

Florida Teen Tovonna Holton killed herself after nude shower video goes on Snapchat

A Florida teen killed herself after her friends filmed a video of her in the shower without her permission and posted it on Snapchat, her ... Full story

Five cyclists killed and four injured after hit-and-run truck ploughs into crowd in Michigan

Five bicyclists have been killed and at least four more have been injured after being hit by a pickup truck north of Kalamazoo in Michigan, ... Full story

Police say babysitter Lori Conley gave infant lethal dose of Benadryl

Ohio police say a babysitter accused of giving an 8-month-old baby a fatal dose of Benadryl has been arrested. According to the police report, Lori Conley, ... Full story

Alabama teacher Joanne Bolser suspended for handing out racist math quiz to 8th graders

An Alabama middle school teacher has been suspended after handing out a 10-question maths quiz to her eighth grade class students filled with questions referencing drugs, ... Full story

Teacher Alexandria Vera ‘gets pregnant by 13-year-old student after having sex with boy every day'

A middle school teacher is accused of having sex with one of her 13-year-old students. Alexandria Vera, 24, is facing a felony charge of continuous ... Full story

Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe shot dead after 4-year-old boy gets into enclosure

A Cincinnati zoo shot and killed a 17-year-old 400-pound male lowland gorilla that grabbed and dragged a four-year-old boy who fell into the its enclosure ... Full story

Body found after vintage WWII plane crashes into New York river

Authorities say the body of the pilot killed after his vintage World War II plane crashed into the Hudson River has been recovered William Gordon, 56, ... Full story

WATCH: Haunting moment gunman strolled in and opened fire at T.I concert

Police have released the video of the moment a gunman stormed a music concert by rapper T.I in New York and opened fire killing one. Troy ... Full story

Chilling bodycam footage shows moments before unarmed dad of two was gunned down by cops

Arizona police have released the shocking bodycam video of the moments leading to the shooting death of an unarmed father in his hotel roomDaniel Shaver, ... Full story

Video showing West Point cadet texting during graduation march sparks outrage

The video showing a West Point cadet texting during graduation march has sparked outrage on social media The footage showed cadets marching on Saturday to celebrate ... Full story

TV reporter Jonathan Lowe fired and arrested for POOPING on lawn during news story

An Arizona reporter was arrested after police say he took a dump on a criminal suspect's front lawn Jonathan Lowe, 33, a now former KPHO journalist ... Full story

Florida teen caught 'having consented sex' with 25 boys in school bathroom

A high school girl has reportedly been caught on video having sex with 25 boys in the boy's restroom. The students were filmed on the school's ... Full story

David Wilson: Paedophile rapist who gave toddler HIV, herpes and chlamydia sentenced to life

A Houston sex offender who raped and infected a toddler with HIV, herpes and chlamydia has been sentenced to life. David Wilson, 34, was convicted for ... Full story

Ex-football player Patrick Thompson 'barbecues family poodle over daughter's devil T-shirt'

Arizona police say they arrested a father of four after he barbecued his family poodle over an argument with his daughter for wearing a "devil" ... Full story

Connecticut woman Aimee Toms mistaken for transgender in bathroom, gets scolded by stranger

A straight Connecticut woman who identifies as female said she was approached by a stranger in a Walmart bathroom on Friday who misttok her for ... Full story

PetSmart groomer Juan Zararte arrested after dog dies

California police arrested a Petsmart pet groomer on Sunday with suspicion of animal cruelty after a dog in his care died.Juan Zararte, 38, of San ... Full story

World's oldest person Susannah Mushatt Jones born in 1800s dies aged 116

The world's oldest person and the last American born in the 1800s has died aged 116 Susannah Mushatt Jones died last night at a nursing home ... Full story

The bodies of two climbers have been found in a melting glacier 16 years after they were killed

THE bodies of two climbers killed 16 years ago after an avalanche hit them have been found in a melting glacier. The widow of Alex Lowe ... Full story

Horny couple Glenn Mcie and Shannon Mulcahy found naked and passed out in car

Glenn Mcie, 27, and Shannon Mulcahy, 24, were found parked up in a disabled bay at 2.15 in the morning by officers. Police spotted Mcie lying ... Full story

Colorado woman Dynel Lane jailed for 100 years after cutting stranger's baby from her womb

A woman who lured a pregnant stranger to her home by advertising maternity clothes has been jailed for 100 years after she cut the baby ... Full story

Florida man Timothy Johnson 'killed woman and continued to have sex with her corpse'

A man has been accused of killing a woman during sex – and then continuing to have sex with her dead body. Investigators believed Judith Therianos ... Full story

Texas mother Porucha Phillips ARRESTED after police find children chained up in back yard

A pregnant mother has been arrested after Texas police found two severely injured toddlers chained up in her back yard with another six children left ... Full story

Teacher Allison Wint fired after using the word ‘vagina’ in art history class

A TEACHER spoke a word apparently so outrageous, so nauseating, that she was fired from her job. That word? Vagina. Last week, substitute teacher Allison Wint ... Full story

TV station evacuated after it's stormed by a man in hedgehog onesie 'strapped with bomb'

A man pictured inside the building wearing a panda onesie claims he has a bomb strapped to him, according to reports. The incident is unfolding at ... Full story