Italy Prime Minister candidate Giuseoppe Conte gives up mandate after talks collapse

Giuseppe Conte has given President Sergio Mattarella back his mandate for PM Had talks been successful it would've been Europe's first populist government Conte had four days ...

Rob Smith 'comes out' as conservative and breaks stereotypes that all black and gay men are liberal

Rob Smith, a gay, black Army veteran and journalist from New York City has 'come out' as conservativeHe said he chose to become conservative despite ...  Visit website

Rubio says he sees 'no evidence' the FBI spied on Trump's campaign

The former presidential candidate and Russia hawk disputed Trump's claims of 'spying' by the FBI  He said the bureau was investigating 'individuals with a history of ...  Visit website

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor closed indefinitely

The memorial was closed after a vessel operator noticed a crack on the outside  Tourists were allowed to disembark after crews completed interim repairsBut cracks ...  Visit website

White House aide who made McCain 'dying anyway' joke identified her OWN BOSS as a leaker

President Donald Trump gathered communications aide after the leak of an aide's crack about McCainKelly Sadler had joked that McCain's opposition to CIA pick Gina ...  Visit website

Hawaii records 270 earthquakes in one day

Hundreds of earthquakes struck near the summit of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on Saturday, officials sayYesterday's volcanic activity sent ash clouds up to 14,764 feet into ...  Visit website

Far-right demonstrators chanting 'We are the people' march through the streets of Berlin

A march organised by the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) drew more than 5,000 supportersPolice said there were more than 25,000 counter-demonstrators at the march ...  Visit website

Shocking moment officer punches bikini-clad girl in the head during arrest

Emily Weinman said cops came up to her because they thought she was drinkingWeinman, who is underage, told them her age and even took a ...  Visit website

Jane Fonda: women who have plastic surgery use it to hide sexual abuse

Actress, 80, believes some women create a 'plastic mask' after being abused She last year revealed she has been raped and was sexually abused as a ...  Visit website

George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine

By Associated Press Published: 19:45 BST, 27 May 2018 | Updated: 20:12 BST, 27 May 2018 Former President George H.W. Bush has ...  Visit website