Man with available forehead space gets Romney tattoo for $15,000
Romney logo tattooed on face for $15,000

Free-spirited Eric Hartsburg of Michigan City, Ind., defended his decision to get Mitt Romney’s logo tattooed on his face by saying "you only live once, and I was born with a forehead, so why not?" Hartsburg auctioned off the 5-by-2-inch tattoo space on eBay for a starting bid of $5,000, which topped off at $15,000 for the R logo tat, paid for by an anonymous Republican bidder.

Admirably, he declined a larger cash offer to get a tattoo that was "lewd." Hartsburg claims to be a Romney supporter and registered Republican, though he may be disappointed to learn that tattoo removal isn't covered under Romney's healthcare plan. [Source]

How much money would it take for you to tattoo something on your face?

By Jamie Rivera 10/26/2012 12:24:00