Romney campaign puts Brangelina pic in pro-Mitt magazine
Romney minimagazine MittZine to hit swing states

Looks like Obama isn’t the only one using star power to help drive his campaign. This weekend, swing-state readers may find an unexpected gift when opening their local newspaper: a Mitt Romney-sponsored magazine insert called MittZine.

The 12-page, glossy color mag uses a bit of good old-fashioned celebrity dish to promote its "vote Romney" message — under the headline “Political Family Feud,” the cover stars are none other than Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But …aren’t Brad and Angelina pro-Obama? Why yes, yes they are.

The MittZine story focuses on the recent controversy when Pitt’s mom sent an anti-Obama letter to her local Midwest newspaper. [Source]

Would you be excited to find MittZine in your newspaper?

By Jamie Rivera 10/27/2012 15:02:00