Nate Silver correctly predicted the election, gets love on Twitter
The election's other winner? Nate Silver, who is 'so getting laid'

Last night's real big winner? Nate Silver, whose just-the-stats-ma'am mathematical model correctly predicted the outcome of the vote in 50 out of 50 states — a perfect score.

The number-crunching analyst's triumph was also a loss for gut-trusting pundits, who'd generally predicted a closer race (Silver gave Obama a 92 percent chance of winning); a win for the New York Times, where he now blogs (20 percent of its readers checked out Silver's blog on Monday); and, according to Mashable, for "geeks" and "nerds." But mostly it was a win for Silver, now the subject of multiple tweets predicting — who knows how accurately — he is "so getting laid" after his success. [Source]

Are you surprised Silver got it so right?

By Pius-Aghadiuno 11/07/2012 12:55:00