Donald Trump branded a 'racist' after retweeting made-up statistics that claim most white people are killed by black people

Donald Trump has come under fire for retweeting made-up statistics (left) about murders committed by black people. The Republican presidential candidate was branded 'racist' by ... Full story

Democratic Debate 2015: What time, channel, where is the live stream?

The second debate among Democratic candidates for president will be held Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa. Here’s a quick guide to when it’s on, what ... Full story

Obama joins Facebook as "Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States".

President Barack Obama has joined Facebook, but daughters Sasha and Malia needn't worry about an uncool friend request from dad. Fans may 'like' the US President's ... Full story

Congressman Bob Brady swipes pope's leftover water

This is pope Francis' glass of water. (Video via Speaker of the House John Boehner)  U.S. Rep. Bob Brady of Pennsylvania swiped Pope Francis' leftover water — ... Full story

House Speaker John Boehner to resign

  The New York Times is reporting that Speaker John A. Boehner will resign from Congress at the end of October. Boehner was under pressure by the ultra ... Full story

R.E.M. fires back at Donald Trump for using band's music

Maybe rally organizers should check with musicians before using their music at political events. Donald Trump is the latest big name to come under fire after ... Full story

Bad lip reading of Republican debate makes it even more ridiculous (if that was possible)

Lip reading isn’t exactly a science and this video of the recent Republican debate shows why. It’s a re-imagining of what the potential presidential nominees said and ... Full story

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat joke won't disappear right away

Hillary Clinton has a Snapchat account and she used it to try and lighten the mood over her email controversy. (Video via The White House) "You may ... Full story

Michigan politician Todd Courser ‘engineered smear campaign against HIMSELF to hide affair’

A married Republican politician allegedly planned to spread a rumour that he had had sex with a male prostitute to draw attention away from his ... Full story

Fox announces debate participants: 5 of 10 from Florida

Four Floridians — or five, if you count part-time Palm Beacher Donald Trump — will take the Republican presidential debate stage in Cleveland Thursday night ... Full story

Awkward: Sen. Ted Cruz recalls watching porn with Sandra Day O’Connor

How many times will Sen. Ted Cruz have to tell the story about watching pornography on a computer with now-retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor while ... Full story

Republican presidential candidate and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal poses with gun at campaign stop, met with online mockery

Republican presidential candidate and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal posted a photo of himself holding and admiring a weapon while at a campaign stop in Iowa ... Full story

President Obama boots heckler from White House event: 'You're in my house'

When a heckler at a White House LGBT Pride Month event interrupted President Obama Wednesday, the president had her removed from the room — saying ... Full story

Randy Boehning: Politician who voted against gay rights outed on Grindr

A politician who voted against gay rights was outed after he sent an explicit picture of himself to another man on Grindr. Randy Boehning (yes, that’s ... Full story

Santas at the signing of the 'Merry Christmas' bill in Austin, Texas

Throw out your "holiday tree" and dust off your Nativity set: Christmas is coming to Texas schools. Gov. Rick Perry signed a "Merry Christmas" bill ... Full story

North Carolina lawmakers want to ban welfare recipients from lottery

Looks like one avenue out of poverty, bankruptcy and welfare might be blocked off in North Carolina. Lawmakers are moving ahead on proposals to prohibit merchants ... Full story

Obama violated the Constitution, federal appeals court says

President Obama violated the Constitution when he made appointments to the National Labor Relations Board in January 2012, a federal appeals court said. The U.S. Court ... Full story

Hillary Clinton's specs suggest she may be seeing double

Is Hillary Clinton seeing two Bills, two Chelseas, two sets of Foreign Relations Committees grilling her about Benghazi? Close inspection of the spectacles that the ... Full story

Congressional employees still illegally downloading 'Glee' and 'Ellen'

Unless there's some loophole we missed, anti-piracy laws apply to everyone, including Congress. But folks in our House of Reps are watching a whole lot ... Full story

Clarence Thomas speaks for first time in seven years in Supreme Court

Justice Clarence Thomas doesn’t like to do a whole lot of talking during oral arguments being held at the Supreme Court. In fact, Thomas hasn't said ... Full story

Obama declares Christmas Eve a holiday, but only if you work for him

Did a petition on the White House website calling for government workers to get Christmas Eve off actually work? A call for President Obama to ... Full story

Obama cuts number of inaugural balls from ten to two

With the nation scheduled to slide into economic crisis if it goes plunging over the fiscal cliff at the end of December, President Obama is ... Full story

Obama victory hug pic is most-tweeted image of 2012

Of all the billions of tweets tweeted in 2012, one stood out: A post-election-win photo of the Obamas hugging, with the succinct caption "Four more years." ... Full story

Biden’s heart may be in SF, but his foot’s in his mouth

Politicians seem to reference sports teams a lot, maybe because they think it says, "I might be the 1%, but I appreciate the guys who ... Full story

Nate Silver correctly predicted the election, gets love on Twitter

Last night's real big winner? Nate Silver, whose just-the-stats-ma'am mathematical model correctly predicted the outcome of the vote in 50 out of 50 states — ... Full story

New Jersey governor Chris Christie promises to reschedule Halloween if necessary

Concerned that Sandy will interrupt your Halloween plans? Don't be. New Jersey governor Chris Christie has pledged that those forced indoors by the storm's wrath ... Full story

Richard Mourdock, Senate candidate, says rape remark got him votes:

If you were looking for Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, an Indiana Republican, to slowly step away from his controversial comments on rape and pregnancy, keep ... Full story

Romney campaign puts Brangelina pic in pro-Mitt magazine

Looks like Obama isn’t the only one using star power to help drive his campaign. This weekend, swing-state readers may find an unexpected gift when ... Full story

Having black president has actually made people more racist, poll says

The historic election of our first black president marked an unprecedented step forward for racial harmony, showing that four years later, our great nation is ... Full story

Obama pokes a little fun at 'birthers' during campaign stop

President Obama made a little joke about the "birthers," who’ve stubbornly dogged him during his administration while visiting swing state New Hampshire. While calling out ... Full story