Estelle Carson, Democrat of the Year, convicted of stealing from disabled woman in Colorado

Estelle Carson probably won't be winning any more citizenship awards. The Colorado activist, who was named "Democrat of the Year" by the Jefferson County Democratic ... Full story

Romney quote about 'gays are actually having children' goes viral

He may support gay Boy Scouts but Mitt Romney isn't exactly bearing the LGBTQ torch just yet. Comments the GOP presidential candidate made as Massachusetts ... Full story

Congresswoman makes most counterintuitive campaign ad ever

South Dakota is no stranger to quirky campaign ads, but there's quirky and then there's tragically misguided. Incumbent Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem has put together ... Full story

Man with available forehead space gets Romney tattoo for $15,000

Free-spirited Eric Hartsburg of Michigan City, Ind., defended his decision to get Mitt Romney’s logo tattooed on his face by saying "you only live once, ... Full story

Republican Party is 'full of racists,' claims ex-Colin Powell staffer

"My party is full of racists," said Colin Powell's former chief of staff on MSNBC last night. Lawrence Wilkerson was responding to a claim that ... Full story

Romney tells gullible crowd that Chrysler is sending US jobs to China

It must have sounded pretty convincing at the time, so how many people fell for this lie? Mitt Romney told an Ohio crowd that automaker ... Full story

Texas bans UN observers because its polling places are already perfect

A word of advice to international election observers hoping to observe the upcoming U.S. election: Don't mess with Texas. Texas authorities have threatened to arrest ... Full story

GOP Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock says rape pregnancies are 'something God intended'

Another day, another controversial Republican comment about rape. Indiana's Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock was asked at a Tuesday-night debate whether he thinks abortions should ... Full story

New York Senate Candidate Mindy Meyer uses LMFAO song as slogan, likes pink, is a 'diva'

We’ve never encountered a political candidate like Mindy Meyer. Take her website. “Diva Of The District” she declares in bold, leopard-print letters. Her campaign slogan? It incorporates the ... Full story

Mention of Sarah Palin as VP sends McCain into stitches

Sen. John McCain had a serious case of the giggles this morning. When asked by CBS' Erica Hill about possible vice presidential candidates, he responded: ... Full story

Senate hopeful says opponent is Twitter-stalking daughter

You know a campaign is nasty when one candidate makes a thinly veiled accusation that an opponent might be a pedophile. An April 3 debate in ... Full story

Aides trick Romney with zero turnout at breakfast speech

Mitt Romney aides made the GOP front-runner an April Fool today with a perfectly executed prank. All set to deliver a stump speech at a pancake ... Full story

Random French guy says Bush twins loved Obama in 2008

George W. Bush campaigned for John McCain in 2008, but it seems he may have known Barack Obama would win the presidential election for one ... Full story

Joe Biden mistakenly gives Dr Pepper a thank-you

The gaffe-prone vice president inadvertently thanked the soft drink Dr Pepper during a stop in Davenport, Iowa, when he meant to thank Dr. Teresa Paper, ... Full story

Ex-Republican senator compares Romney to porn star

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" today, former Pennyslvania senator Arlen Specter happily lit into Mitt Romney, jokingly comparing him to a porn star: "The Republican Party has ... Full story

Congressman booted from House floor after hoodie stunt

"I don't mind being out of order if it means standing up for truth and justice," Representative Bobby Rush (D-Illinois) said shortly after being kicked ... Full story

Gingrich campaign resorts to charging for photos with Newt

The cash-strapped Newt Gingrich campaign has seized upon a new fundraising scheme: Supporters now have to pay $50 to take a photo with the GOP ... Full story

Obama forgets about open mic, asks Putin for space

President Obama seems pretty confident about winning the upcoming election, based on some remarks he let slip today. Directly following a meeting between Obama and ... Full story

Blagojevich's barber saddened that he'll go gray in prison

When Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in a Colorado prison, he probably knew the stress it would put on his family and children ... Full story

John Edwards 'categorically denies' being NYC madam's first John

The first name has fallen out of alleged "Millionaire Madam" (or "Soccer Mom Madam," pick your nickname) Anna Gristina's black book, and the first John ... Full story

Slacktivists can now cosponsor bills on Facebook

A new Facebook app called Citizen Cosponsor will let users support legislation through their Facebook profiles and then receive updates on how a bill is ... Full story

Tweeps speculate on meaning of candidates' odd code names

GQ magazine has revealed Rick Santorum's and Mitt Romney's Secret Service code names ("Petrus" and "Javelin," respectively), leaving confused citizens to decipher hidden moniker meanings, ... Full story

Santorum miffed Obama allowed Malia to go to Mexico

Rick Santorum is calling out President Obama for letting his daughter, Malia, go to Mexico for spring break. During a radio interview Tuesday, Santorum told Glenn ... Full story

Fiery artist paints Obama with a burning Constitution

Utah-based artist Jon McNaughton has released a new painting, "One Nation Under Socialism," that shows President Obama holding onto a burning copy of the Constitution. McNaughton's ... Full story

Romney adviser calls Mitt a walking Etch A Sketch

His Secret Service code name is "Javelin," but Mitt Romney is being called something else by his own senior campaign adviser: an Etch A Sketch. On ... Full story

Mitt-Eminem mashup asks who’s the real Romney

Quick, name the hippest white guy ever to come out of Detroit. It's Mitt Romney, right? Check out how video wizard Hugh Matkin turns Romney into ... Full story

Republican senator Scott Brown laughs at Santorum's sex stance

Sen. Scott Brown is a stand-up kind of guy -- as in comedy. At a St. Patrick's Day breakfast, the Massachusetts Republican took some highly amusing ... Full story

Obama misquotes dead president he was trying to dis

Barack Obama took a shot at another Republican leader today, only this one can't respond since he's dead. But as it turns out, he doesn't ... Full story

Rod Blagojevich spends last moments of freedom inspecting cages

You'd think seeing animals behind bars would be the last thing Rod Blagojevich would want to do right before starting a 14-year prison sentence, but ... Full story

Irked by ad, Palin challenges Obama to debate

In a nearly 600-word missive posted to her Facebook page, ex-governor Sarah Palin challenged President Obama to a debate "anywhere, anytime" to discuss "the issues ... Full story