Obama is having a hard time becoming popular again

A new New York Times/CBS poll shows Barack Obama's approval rating plummeting to 41 percent, with only 47 percent of those polled approving of the ... Full story

Lieutenant governor resigns and gets indicted all in one day

Another day, another dirty politician ... South Carolina Lt. Gov. Ken Ard has resigned after being indicted on a bunch of ethics charges, to which ... Full story

Obama boasts of his record on getting Twitter followers

President Barack Obama bragged at a fundraising event in New York that he has more Twitter followers than "Parks and Recreation" actor Aziz Ansari. "I've ... Full story

Hustler founder Flynt offers $1M for sex dirt on senators

If you were the next Rielle Hunter, would you have any reason to admit it? Hustler publisher and longtime pot-stirrer Larry Flynt will give you ... Full story

Obama campaign and Koch brothers trade nasty notes

Nasty notes are the weapon of choice in a battle between Obama and the billionaire Koch brothers. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina fired off a ... Full story

Stylist stops cutting governor's hair over gay-marriage stance

When New Mexico governor Susana Martinez articulated her stance against gay marriage ("Domestic partnership is just another word for gay marriage, and I do not ... Full story

Supreme Court to rule on right to lie about military honors

In 2007, Xavier Alvarez introduced himself at a board meeting as a former Marine who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor. He wasn't and ... Full story

Watch Obama sing the blues

Obama, who impressed Americans last month when he sang just one line of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," topped that routine by singing several lines ... Full story

Gaffe-loving Joe Biden headed to 'Road' Island

Just days after Rick Santorum's office misspelled the Minnesota town of Bemidji as "Bimidji," the Democrats have offered their own--and actually more ridiculous--failure to pay ... Full story

Presidents video reminds you why you’re not working today

It's Presidents Day, which means that in honor of the tireless efforts (and, in one case, the birthday) of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the ... Full story

Women squeeze Obama's butt during restaurant visit

Barack Obama had an eventful visit to a restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown this week: The president bought take-out at a spot that serves shark ... Full story

Young Kennedy vying for Barney Frank's seat

The square jaw, wavy hair and Democratic principles tell an undeniable tale: the Kennedy family is back in politics. Joseph Kennedy III, son of former ... Full story

Tennessee lawmaker Joey Hensley doesn't want kids to watch 'Modern Family'

Tennessee lawmakers are currently debating passage of a controversial bill dubbed "Don't Say Gay," a law that would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality in classrooms ... Full story

Santorum backer says 'gals' should keep their legs closed

Foster Friess, one bankroller behind a Rick Santorum super PAC, became a headache for the candidate when he dusted off a circa-1960s gym class joke ... Full story

Gov. lowers flags for Whitney, says drug use irrelevant

Lowering the flag to half-staff is usually a ritual observed for dignitaries, members of the military or heads of state. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ... Full story

Megadeth guy didn't endorse Santorum but thinks he's swell

Who do we vote for now? Dave Mustaine, lead singer for heavy-metal band Megadeth, is denying reports that he endorsed Republican candidate Rick Santorum. Mustaine, ... Full story

Obama staffer stands by vaguely racist tweet

President Barack Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina is under attack from the GOP for a quote he tweeted, which mentioned delicious Hispanic fare. The full ... Full story

Politicians want to charge electric car owners for gas

Electric vehicles, as you may have heard, don't use gas -- and the Washington state senate is not happy about that, proposing a small-but-significant levy ... Full story

Santorum gets critical endorsement of Megadeth star

OK, America, you can exhale now. Heavy metal star Dave Mustaine has finally revealed who he thinks should be running the country. The answer: Rick ... Full story

Romney's fake photo shows what it takes to win

Someone with some good Photoshop skills and a sense of humor is perpetuating Mitt Romney's reputation for being out of touch with the rest of ... Full story

GOP whines Obama-branded clothes are too affordable

A number of high profile fashion designers, including Marc Jacobs and red-hot Jason Wu, have produced items for a line of Obama-branded products to raise ... Full story

Congressman falls for fake news, gets Onion on his face

U.S. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) couldn't find Facebook's delete button fast enough. He posted (and commented on) an article from the satirical news organization "The ... Full story

Michelle Obama says Barack ‘sings to me all the time’

Michelle Obama heard the President sing "Let's Stay Together" the same way the rest of us did: on YouTube. But unlike those of us who ... Full story

Spoiler alert: Joe Biden makes an un-PC comment

If Joe Biden's Thursday to-do list included the items "Speak in New Hampshire," "Talk about 'insourcing' jobs back to America" and "Do cringe-worthy Indian accent," ... Full story

VP Biden’s sniffles distract State of the Union audience

The headline read "Twitter Crashes From Sheer Volume of Clear, Insightful Comments on State of the Union." Yes, that's from The Onion. During President Obama's annual ... Full story

See how many hours it takes Romney to make your pay

Slate's Romney Income Calculator will figure out how long it took the presidential candidate to make your annual salary, a number crunch that manages to ... Full story

Forget the 1%, Romney is in the 0.006%

Hate doing taxes? At least your return isn't more than 500 pages, like the one Mitt Romney just released. The GOP presidential candidate's 2010 returns included ... Full story

Swoon alert: Obama sings Al Green at Apollo fundraiser

India.Arie had think to herself, "How do I follow THAT?" Arie, at the Apollo Theatre to perform as part of a fundraiser for President Obama, ... Full story

Rock Me Like a Herman-Cain downgraded to Cat 1

What do the 'T's in "Colbert Report" and the crowd listening to Herman Cain have in common? They're both silent. At today's Rock Me Like ... Full story

Newt’s ex-wife set to dish on ABC, but don’t get your hopes up

"The First Wives Club", a mid-90s comedy popular with the post-menopausal set, was a flick about divorced women who sought revenge on their cheating exes. ... Full story