Ronald McDonald 'arrested' as photos of bizarre incident go viral

A COLLECTION of images showing a Ronald McDonald sculpture being "arrested" in broad daylight are being shared across the Internet. Obviously not "lovin' it", authorities deemed ... Full story

Texas country music station KXAX broadcasts 90 minutes of full-on ‘furry’ sex after hackers strike

Country music listeners in Texas suddenly found themselves listening to full-on, eye-watering ‘furry’ sex last week after hackers broke into a radio station. ‘Furries’ – in ... Full story

‘No, Officer, I’m not pleased to see you’: Man’s huge package leads to jail

Airport police discovered that a well-endowed traveller wasn’t, in fact, ‘Just pleased to see them’. His trouser bulge was actually a 400g bag of coke. The 43-year-old ... Full story

Chihuahua safe after leading police on ‘high-speed pursuit’ across bridge

Video on Sunday captured a Chihuahua leading San Francisco California Highway Patrol officers on a “high-speed pursuit.” A CHP motorcycle officer can be seen in the video posted to ... Full story

Farmer responds to PETA’s naked wool advert in the best possible way

When Jacqui Bateman saw PETA’s latest advertising campaign against the wool industry she knew exactly how to respond. The animal rights group had not long released an ... Full story

Twitter is freaking out over a couple's bizarre photo that shows a woman looking the WRONG way in the reflection

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Fountain appears to take shape of Jesus in viral Easter snapshot

An Easter Sunday snapshot of a popular landmark in Fountain Hills, Arizona, has gone viral because some say the image appears to show the figure of Jesus ... Full story

Louisiana Baptist minister Rickey Moore will seal himself in coffin to depict Easter miracle

First a self proclaimed prophet jumps into the lions den to prove his faith. Now a Louisiana Baptist minister will show the faithful his faith ... Full story

Police find missing flying saucer broken outside Roswell, New Mexico

A flying saucer stolen from the UFO Museum in downtown Roswell, New Mexico, was recovered in pieces Wednesday, according to police. The saucer is normally mounted ... Full story

Old school photo of a man when he was 13 has the internet in hysterics - as he's the spitting image of Natalie Portman

For most of us being compared to a beautiful celebrity such as Natalie Portman would be a compliment - unless of course you happen to ... Full story

Driver crashes into Road Runner tunnel painted on wall

You know the Looney Tunes cartoon featuring the Road Runner? He is always outsmarting Wile E. Coyote in the cartoons, now he’s outsmarting drivers. Reddit user “Miss ... Full story

Woman trying dress on didn't realize little girl was watching her in the dressing room

After trying on a dress in Forever 21, Savannah State University student Destiny was looking back over some photos of it when she noticed that ... Full story

How board game that 'predicted 9/11 terror strike' warns of IMMINENT NUCLEAR World War III

The haunting picture was published with an updated version of the game released in 1995, six years before the devastating atrocity which destroyed the iconic ... Full story

Can you count how many girls are in this photo? The 'mind boggling' picture has sent Instagram users into a spin

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Student gets revenge on 'cheating' boyfriend by shaming him on embarrassing posters around campus

She called him a 'cheating psychopath' after she discovered his infidelity (pic posed by models) There are many ways to react upon finding out your other ... Full story

Wisconsin man Daniel Reinsvold 'broke into co-worker's house and raped his dog'

A Wisconsin man has been charged after he was found allegedly raping a co-worker’s dog. Daniel Reinsvold, 44, was discovered by his co-worker’s daughter in their ... Full story

California woman in ‘Mystery Machine’ minivan leads police on pursuit

A California woman led officers on a police chase Sunday in a minivan painted to look like the Mystery Machine from “Scooby-Doo.” According to KRCR, officers ... Full story

Mystery 200-year-old letter revealed World War 3 plans – and final battle against Islam

Albert Pike, who was a captain for the US army during the American Civil War, is alleged to have penned a doctrine to an Italian ... Full story

What the hell is this? Man catches winged fish with evil eyes

The slimy black creature, which has a ridge of pointed quills on its back, was spotted among the day's catch and photographed. It's the latest in ... Full story

World's most embarrassing selfie? Woman sends photo to parents - then realizes her huge mistake

It's so easy to keep in touch with family these days - whether it's a quick phonecall, WhatsApp message or a text on your way ... Full story

My Weave Made Me Do It: Demonic weaves believed to be root of hair crimes

Thieves have killed four people while trying to steal hair weaves and products, and now many Memphians say demonic spirits could be to blame ... Full story

Woman's memory foam mattress reveals kinky secret she'd have rather kept to herself

Sex is a wonderful thing, and far be it from us to judge anyone for however they want to enjoy it (with consenting adults, of ... Full story

Highway patrol chases, captures unicorn

No, nothing was in the water Wednesday night in Madera, California. California Highway Patrol actually did chase and capture a unicorn. According to KTVU, a white pony ... Full story

Columbia pre-med student Terrell Finner's ridiculous attempt to avoid taking his midterm exams has made him an online star

A creative student's hilariously bad attempt at getting out of his midterm exams has made him internet famous. Joker Terrell Finner, a premed student at Columbia University ... Full story

Kid sticks to his Creationist guns when given science homework

‘Identify the dinosaurs.’ It’s a simple instruction – but one kid wasn’t buying it. Why conform to the lies the system tells you about ‘evolution’ and ‘fossils’? So ... Full story

Stingray photobombs couple’s surprise engagement at aquarium

A stingray at Ripleys Aquarium of Canada in Toronto has perfect timing. A man surprised his girlfriend with a proposal and a stingray decided to photobomb ... Full story

Giant triceratops blocks traffic in London

It's not every day that you see a triceratops standing alone in the middle of a dark street.  Drivers were forced to maneuver around the replica ... Full story

Terrified builders find biggest snake ever?

Footage uploaded to YouTube shows the remains of the giant reptile chained to the back of a truck – and it's so big its folded ... Full story

Monkey arrested for harassing locals

The primate - a macaque - was caught by a professional monkey catcher after frustrated locals complained it had been stealing food and tearing up ... Full story

Man sues wife, wins $120k after their 'ugly' baby is born

We promise this is an actual lawsuit and not  just a harsh snap we heard while playing the dozens: A woman in China was sued by ... Full story