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Police catch suspected burglar Thomas Collodel with help from his Twitter account

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Art museum doesn't want no stinkin' family, orders them to leave

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Kansas waiter who thought he got a $20 tip was actually a Bible pamphlet

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Strange metal balls fall from the sky over Thailand after a ‘noise like thunder’ is heard

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'That one is terrible': Ohio fugitive unhappy with his mug shot sends a SELFIE to police

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Judge rules monkey can't own selfie photo copyright

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Woman beats DUI charge after proving her body is a brewery

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Oscar Santa Maria Huerta: The only man to ever shoot at a UFO in only documented case

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You can hire a real-life 'Elf on the Shelf'

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Florida beachgoers get coffee surprise

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Man named Bud Weisser charged with trespassing at Budweiser Brewery

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Shooting victim calls Uber for ride home

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Now that's one HOT potato! Farmer pulls up sweet potato that looks like it's assuming a very suggestive position

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'Murder in progress' turns out to be a guy killing a spider

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Not the end of the world: Just a landslide in California

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The NYC taxi drivers 2016 calendar is 12 months of pure wrong

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Sarah Furay has the happiest mug shot ever

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