The Rock and his girlfriend post touching baby announcement

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced in September that he and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian are expecting a baby. Tuesday, they made another big announcement, revealing the ... Full story

Sheriff ad asks drug dealers to turn in other drug dealers

The ad showcases a marijuana leaf on the left and “Attention Drug Dealers,” on the right. Below that it asks, “is your drug-dealing competition costing you ... Full story

US Navy said blue light was a missile... but then this 'alien' was discovered

A woman in California heard a bloodcurdling shriek in her back garden – then ran out and found THIS.   The hideous creature appeared in San Jose ... Full story

Hotel guest captures creepy image after taking picture of room in the dark

When 27-year-old Douglas Patterson of Edinburgh in the U.K was awakened in the middle of the night by a weird light shinning through his hotel ... Full story

NYC helpdesk employee Ronald Dillon suspended for taking calls in robot voice

There's a time and a place for silly voices, and it usually isn't at work. Ronald Dillon, an NYC Help Department employee who works at the ... Full story

Student Tara Monroe has licence suspended so drives Barbie Jeep to uni instead

Not even a driving ban will keep this girl off the road. Although she can’t do much damage at 5mph. Texas State University student Tara Monroe ... Full story

Caravan 'suitable for affairs or murders' for sale on eBay

Surprisingly it’s already attracted 133 bids. The online auction – listed as ‘Shithouse crap caravan – suitable for dogging / sordid affairs / murdering‘ – was ... Full story

How to look exactly like your dog using make-up

Real best friends have matching faces. Talented contour-er and costume make-up artist Ilana has just released her latest tutorial, which helps you create a casual look ... Full story

Oldest message in a bottle found

In 1906 British researcher George Bidder launched hundreds of bottles into the North Sea. More than a century later, Marianne Winkler found one of them as ... Full story

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims aliens prevented Cold War nuclear war

Strange claims are coming from one of the few men who set foot on the moon.  Edgar Mitchell, who was part of the Apollo 14 crew ... Full story

An intern left a hidden message for his employer on a Post-It

This intern must have really hated his work placement. After being sent out on an errand to buy Post-It noted for his boss, the unnamed intern ... Full story

We hooked up. It broke': Woman hunts for baby daddy on Craigslist with world’s worst sketch

A woman has taken a novel approach to tracking down the father of her unborn child. She’s done a sketch and is appealing for him ... Full story

Dead raccoon on sidewalk gets ridiculous memorial

TORONTO — A photo of a dead raccoon on a sidewalk in Canada, holding a rose is going viral. It started when a concerned citizen tweeted to the City of ... Full story

Grizzly bear lifts 50-pound rock, smashes glass at zoo

A grizzly bear at the Minnesota Zoo had enough of life in captivity. Zoo officials say the bear picked up a 50-pound, "basketball-sized" rock and ... Full story

Police hope squirrel mugshot will help crack case of 28,000-pound nut heist

Is this squirrel behind the theft of 28,000 pounds of nuts? Probably not, but that didn't stop a Michigan police department from having a little fun with a ... Full story

Broadway show interrupted after man jumps on stage to charge his iPhone

All good actors will know that the show must go on – and that’s what happened when a Broadway show was invaded by an audience ... Full story

Did this guy in Texas bag a chupacabra?

The first thing that emerged was a paw. Then a head with large fangs appeared. The creature that Philip Oliveira had frozen in a plastic garbage ... Full story

Internet horrified by photo of giant 'Texas Redhead' centipede that feasts on lizards, toads

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the insects. A photo posted on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page of a giant redheaded centipede, also known ... Full story

Dog owner's online bid to re-home his GIRLFRIEND after she tells him to choose between his pet and her

Forced to choose between his pet dog and his girlfriend, one man decided the best way to find his friend a new home was to ... Full story

Mysterious eye condition makes this cat look like an alien

Everyone’s freaking out over Matilda’s alien-like appearance. The two-year-old has an unusual condition that causes her peepers to bulge out, leaving her unable to see. Matilda’s owners first ... Full story

Man gets told off for having beer at work, but it’s worse. So much worse

It’s never a good idea to be caught drinking on the job, and that’s exactly what happened when a man was caught at work with this ... Full story

There are fish with teeth falling from the sky in Alaska and no, it's not a hoax

Right, hands up if you clicked on that partly because you thought that surely, that headline must have been misleading. You know what? You’re about to ... Full story

‘Frisk me, I’ve been very, very bad officer’

A HUNKY policeman has the women of New York City begging to be arrested, after photos of his buff bod earned him fame online. The ... Full story

’Jellyfish UFO’ caught on camera in Netherlands’ sky

A NATURE blogger was stunned when he appeared to capture a UFO on camera. Harry Perton photographed the unusual object in Groningen, the Netherlands, after ... Full story

Toilets in elevators. Say what?

JAPAN. Home of sushi, high-speed trains and … moving dunnies. The Pacific island nation is actually considering installing toilets in elevators after dozens of people ... Full story

Locals are terrified after fish walks out of water and breathes on land for 6 days

Australians have been left terrified by a fish which has walked out of water in northern Australia – and can breathe on land for up ... Full story

#HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge: Why women are taking selfies of bottles of coke held between their breasts

Remember how much you wanted to make the Ice Bucket Challenge stop after the 3,456th one appeared in your Facebook feed? Well, now there’s another social ... Full story

Straight teen makes his gay best friend’s dream come true by asking him to prom

In case you hadn’t guessed from the onslaught of ‘promposal’ stories, it’s prom season in America, which means that kids all over the country are ... Full story

This woman threw all her cheating boyfriend’s Apple products in the bath

We wonder if this guy had insurance. A woman threw all of her boyfriend’s Apple electronics into a bathtub filled with water after discovering he was cheating on ... Full story

North Carolina woman Shatanya Beasley drops cricket in food to get free meal

Police in North Carolina say a woman tried to score a free meal at a restaurant by planting a cricket on her plate. Media outlets report ... Full story