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Man accidentally sent video of himself having sex with dog to girlfriend

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Defendant pulls a 'Training Day' stunt on a Judge, eats his own faeces in court

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Baby born with 12 on his forehead, what could it mean?

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Woman rescued after getting naked and climbing down ex-boyfriend’s chimney

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Musician nearly blinds himself by tattooing his eyes completely black

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Dutchman tries to propose, destroys house

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India's secret gardener reveals 18-year labor of love

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Harry Styles and Barack Obama had a gay affair (newspaper claims in complete seriousness)

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Woman wakes up to find ‘mystery baby’ in her bed

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Alien humanoid skull found on Mars

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Boy, 12, turns into real-life Magneto after surviving deadly electric shock

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Over 5,000 bats drop dead from trees in quiet suburban area

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Flying Spaghetti Monster woman gets 'special' driver's license

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NY woman Catherine Butler dressed as zombie arrested for DWI twice within 3 hours

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