Man with too much time recreates Oval Office at home

You have to admire Ron Wade: The man doesn't do anything halfway. The Texas fanatic will soon appear in TLC's "My Crazy Obsession," and for ... Full story

College to hold lecture on how to have female orgasms

College is a time when the young, intellectual mind is ripe for soaking up vital knowledge, learning about important things like Hemmingway, Tolstoy … and ... Full story

Hunter's stray bullet kills man after a mile-long ricochet off a boar

A freak accident has claimed the life of a driver in France, shot dead by a hunter’s bullet that ricocheted off a boar’s bone and ... Full story

Alleged shoplifter Jason Archer leaves store with Wal-Mart logo-shaped bruises

A Tennessee man was allegedly on the lookout for some five-finger discounts at a local Wal-Mart, but when he struggled with security guards, he ended up ... Full story

Man arrested for spitting is not too pleased about it

Joseph Stoiber’s arrest last May is a civil libertarian's dream. Unable to sleep, he walked around his Lakeland, Fla., neighborhood talking to a friend on ... Full story

Stoner mice enjoy a marijuana feast in police evidence shed

There are some mice in Kansas with major munchies. Police in Wichita feared a case of evidence tampering when they found three bags of marijuana ... Full story

79-year-old German man lives, eats with wolves

An Arctic wolf can devour bloody chunks of bone and meat whole — but that doesn’t stop Werner Freund from cuddling up next to the wild animals, ... Full story

White House uses the force of logic to destroy the Death Star

To those hoping for America's intergalactic dominance, your dreams have gone up in smoke. The White House responded to a petition calling for the government ... Full story

Oops! Cannon in Central Park was loaded all along

Central Park preservation workers got an historic surprise on Friday when they discovered that the Revolutionary War-era cannon they were cleaning for refurbishment still contained live powder and ... Full story

Farting worker can let it rip in peace now that reprimand is withdrawn

There's good news for one Social Security Administration employee, but significantly worse news for his co-workers: The federal agency withdrew its formal complaint against the ... Full story

Hoard sweet hoard: Roommates place ad looking for fellow hoarders

If you've ever considered posting a Craigslist Missed Connection because you can't find your couch anymore, this ad could be for you. A hoarder household ... Full story

'Alien-like' skulls found in ancient cemetery were deliberately warped

Human skulls deliberately elongated into weird, oblong, "alien-like" formations have been found in the first pre-Hispanic cemetery excavated in Sonora, in northern Mexico. Of the ... Full story

Holland Tunnel decorations have Christmas tree in wrong place

Apparently, the municipal workers in Jersey City can't spell "Holland" if you spot them H-o-l-l-a-n and the d. OK, so humanity long ago waved the ... Full story

Heavy-metal addict gets state benefits for his disability

Bang your head over this: Roger Tullgren is a 42-year-old Swedish man who has been cleared for state disability benefits because of heavy metal. Is ... Full story

Mayan apocalypse memes

Ready for the end of the world? One thing's for sure, the Internet is ready for it. People in Australia and New Zealand might have reported business ... Full story

Send your RSVP now for Russia's weird underground doomsday party

If you want to wait out the end of the world (and blow $1,000, since you won't need it after the apocalypse), go ahead and ... Full story

Model (and average people) seek out sex on doomsday eve

Late poet T.S. Eliot said that the world wouldn't end with a bang, but he apparently didn't know Niki Ghazian. The self-described swimsuit model says ... Full story

Balloon Boy's new band is almost as terrifying as his 'flight'

Just when we thought we were done with Balloon Boy, look! Falcon Heene want to live down that incident where his family led us to ... Full story

Man actually bites dog, makes headline writers' dreams come true

The ultimate headline came to life when a man bit a police dog during an arrest in Australia. Police brought along canine officer Dexter to respond ... Full story

Shark falling from the sky definitely not par for the course

Nobody yelled "Fore!" when a two-foot long leopard shark fell from the sky and landed near the 12th tee at San Juan Hills Golf Club ... Full story

Minnesota track lets loose the ostriches and camels

Mounting an ostrich can’t be the easiest thing to do, but five brave jockeys climbed aboard last Saturday for Canterbury Park’s annual Extreme Racing Day ... Full story

Text From Dog Tumblr upgraded to Book From Dog

Continuing the age-old tradition of turning viral success stories into real actual books long after everyone on the Internet has grown tired of them, the ... Full story

Navy signal inconveniently jams homeowners' garage doors

Residents of Hartford, Conn., must have been baffled when they couldn’t use their remote controls to open or close their garage doors, even after nothing was ... Full story

Authorities looking for man wearning goat suit in Utah

If you like to run around in a goat suit around the cliffs of Ben Lomond in Ogden, Utah, some people would like a word. The ... Full story

Man in cow suit crawls out of Wal-Mart with gallons of milk

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: There's a man dressed in a cow suit -- and he's stealing milk! Unbelievably, this baffling spectacle, which sounds like a bad comedy ... Full story

10-year-old girl shocks doctors by giving birth to healthy baby

A 10-year-old girl has given birth to a healthy baby daughter in Colombia, becoming one of the world's youngest mothers ever. The preteen mom is ... Full story

Detail-oriented medic dumps human blood on student

In a scene straight out of "Carrie," an Austin, Texas paramedic is being disciplined for dousing a high school student in blood. Except he was ... Full story

Fresh Step pulls off bacon-scented kitty litter gag

In this age of bacon, organic bacon-scented kitty litter sounds almost plausible. But don't be fooled, the "Local 7 News" report on Fresh Step Organic ... Full story

Man with crazy eyes allegedly hops on police car

If you're going to jump on the hood of a police car at one in the morning, you probably shouldn't shout your own name. Unfortunately, ... Full story

Family feud rages over who owns assassin's tombstone

Wayne Lensing, the owner of an auto and oddities museum, bought Lee Harvey Oswald's tombstone online, but the family is objecting that the shirttail relative ... Full story