By Lena-Sullivan Published 12/21/2012 18:19:00 | Views: 448
Shark tank explodes in Orient shopping centre in Shangahi, China

You know how kids like to bang on glass enclosures at zoos and aquariums, taunting the animals with their meaty cheeks pressed so close? Let this story be a warning to anyone who does this, because it turns out that crazy-thick glass can break. Fifteen people were injured by flying marine life and glass shards in Shanghai recently when an enormous aquarium at a shopping mall burst. Three lemon sharks and a squadron of fish and turtles died when the 34-ton tank's 10-inch-thick glass cracked and caused a mini oceanic explosion, sending people running in panic. Police are investigating what caused the urban aqua drama; no word if the sea creatures (RIP) had plotted an escape. [Source]

By Lena-Sullivan 12/21/2012 18:19:00

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