By Lena Sullivan Published 10/25/2012 13:00:00 | Views: 236
Uber-recycler Sweden has run out of trash, so it's importing more

For Americans, it may be hard to comprehend someone ever running out of trash, but for Swedes, it’s a serious problem. Sweden has become so good at recycling that they only send about 4 percent of their waste to landfills. Normally, that would be fantastic, but Sweden is also highly dependent on burning garbage for fuel.

With their refuse reserves running low, the Swedes came to an innovative solution — importing from Norway.

Norway pays Sweden for their trash, burns it up to generate fuel, and then sends the poisonous, dioxin-laden ash back to Norway to be landfilled. It solves fuel and waste management problems for both countries, so the only real question is, could we interest Sweden in some good ol’ American garbage? [Source]

Should we burn garbage for fuel?

By Lena Sullivan 10/25/2012 13:00:00

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