Giant sinkhole in China swallows five people

A massive sinkhole suddenly opened at a bus stop in China, swallowing five bystanders. The event, which happened in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin, was ... Full story

North Dakota police can use weaponized drones under new law

A new law makes North Dakota the first state to legalize the use of nonlethal armed drones by law enforcement officers. The law permits the use ... Full story

Elderly woman diagnosed with rare cutaneous horn

A woman in China has been diagnosed with a rare medical condition that causes a horn to grow from her head. Liang Xiuzhen, from Sichuan, South West ... Full story

Stepfather caught repeatedly throwing three-year-old in pool until she drowns

These are the last moments of a three-year-old girl who was drowned by her stepfather. The heavyset man, who has not been named, is caught repeatedly ... Full story

Lion in park where Cecil lived kills photographic guide Quinn Swales tracking his pride

A lion killed a safari guide leading a group of tourists in the same national park where Cecil the lion lives before being lured outside ... Full story

Taiwanese boy trips at museum and punches hole into $1.5m 17th Century Italian artwork by Paolo Porpora

THIS is one trip this 12-year-old will never forget. It was supposed to be a lesson in Italian art, but instead this boy’s excursion to ... Full story

Multiple explosions reported at US military facility in Japan

There has been at least one explosion at the Sagami General Depot, a United States Army post located in the city of Sagamihara, Japan,according to Japanese Broadcasting ... Full story

Americans subdue attacker on international train: 6 things you need to know

1. Two American military members, an American college student and a British man all helped prevent "an act of barbaric violence" on board a train ... Full story

Crying baby found locked in hotel safe

Canadian police are looking for a family from New York after their baby got locked in a hotel safe in Niagara Falls. The parents called ... Full story

Glass-bottom pool is suspended between buildings, 10 stories up

If you have a fear of heights, the world’s first "sky pool" is not for you. But if you don’t, imagine swimming in water -- suspended ... Full story

Oscar Pistorius will NOT be released early for killing Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius will remain behind bars after his early prison release was denied. He was expected to be let out on parole on Friday. But Justice Minister ... Full story

Kidnapped, ransomed teen Anneli Marie R found dead

THIS was not a random kidnapping. One of the abductors knew 17-year-old Anneli Marie R by sight and had studied her Facebook page. Her father ... Full story

Deadly blast rocks central Bangkok

A deadly blast killed at least a dozen people near a religious shrine in Bangkok late Monday, local time.  Fox News is reporting that the death toll ... Full story

Beautiful McDonald's waitress has fans flocking to her restaurant

You've heard of Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, but what about the glorious McDonald's goddess? That's the name that's been given to McDonald's worker, who has ... Full story

Parents suing hospital for maintenance costs of 14-year-old daughter they tried to abort

57-year-old Aurora Bellandi and her 58-year-old husband Giuseppe are attempting to sue their local hospital for a failed abortion… which happened 15 years ago. The Bellandis, of ... Full story

'Seven dead and 180 injured' in massive petrol storage station explosion in China

A massive petrol station explosion in China which has killed ‘up to seven people’ has been caught on camera. The terrifying explosion in the northern port city of ... Full story

Rich kid sets his Ferrari 458 Italia on fire because he wanted a new one

A SWISS millionaire officially has the brattiest child in the world. The man’s unnamed 20-year-old son intentionally set his $400,000 Ferrari 458 Italia on fire, ... Full story

Woman, 20, drowned because dad didn't want 'strange men' to touch her

A father stopped lifeguards from rescuing his drowning daughter because he did not want ‘strange men’ to touch her. The man grappled with lifeguards as they ... Full story

Bull jumps into stands, gores bullfighting official and photographer

In a bizarre scene, a bull leapt out of the bullfighting ring and into the stands at an event in Bayonne, France, goring the president ... Full story

Groom sees his wife without make up for the first time and sues her for fraud

Gentlemen, we hate the break it to you, but women occasionally look different when they are wearing make up. One groom was seemingly unaware of this ... Full story

India orders clampdown on internet porn

India has blocked hundreds of adult websites to prevent pornography becoming a social nuisance, a government official said on Monday, sparking a debate about censorship ... Full story

Photos: Man attacks, stabs several people at Jerusalem gay pride parade

Revelers dancing and singing through the streets of Jerusalem during the holy city's annual gay pride parade were left shrieking in pain and panic Thursday ... Full story

Colombian model Juliana Lopez facing death penalty in China over laptop drug bust

A COLOMBIAN model could face execution after being caught carrying drugs inside her laptop in China. It was supposed to be the trip of a ... Full story

Man’s face swells severely after mosquito bite

A Chinese man has suffered a seriously bad mosquito bite which has left him struggling to see out his puffy eyes. A factory worker known only ... Full story

Heather Mack and boyfriend lose appeals against sentence for killing her mother in Bali resort

A TEENAGER and her boyfriend, convicted of the sadistic “suitcase murder” of her mother in Bali, have lost their appeal against the severity of their ... Full story

Dozens injured in France when bus roof is torn off after trying to pass under low bridge

SIX passengers were seriously injured early yesterday in a spectacular accident in northern France when the top of a bus was shorn off while trying ... Full story

Woman convicted of ‘assaulting a police officer with her breasts’

A woman has been convicted for assaulting a police officer using… wait for it… her breast. Ng Lai-ying, a 30-year-old woman from Hong Kong, was arrested ... Full story

Nuts? Police detain, feed squirrel accused of stalking woman

It may sound nuts, but it's true. According to NBC News, police detained a squirrel after a woman in Bottrop, Germany, claimed the rodent was stalking ... Full story

Isis ‘blows up Egyptian ship with rocket and leaves it in flames’

Isis has reportedly blown up an Egyptian navy vessel. The ship was targeted yesterday by militants affiliated with the terrorist group, who claimed to have destroyed it ... Full story

10-year-old girl gives birth at school

A 10-year-old girl has given birth at school after complaining about having a stomach ache. Teachers took the girl, who has not been named, to hospital where ... Full story