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Newborn baby kidnapped from Quebec hospital found thanks to Facebook post

IT’S the stuff of nightmares — a woman dressed as a nurse allegedly enters a hospital ward, telling the mother of a newborn baby that ... Full story

South Korean capital Seoul introduces lady-friendly parking spots

SOUTH Korea has introduced women-only parking spots in an effort to make its capital city more appealing to the fairer sex. Seoul’s dedicated, lady-friendly carparks ... Full story

Village mayor castrated and killed by jealous love rival

The mayor of a small village has been castrated and killed by an angry love rival who accused him of sleeping with his girlfriend. According to ... Full story

Crocodile found eating Filipino fisherman

A CROCODILE killed a fisherman in the Philippines and was discovered by coast guard workers with the man still locked in its jaws. The coast ... Full story

'Hugger Mugger' squeezes student’s throat until he passes out before stealing his $9,000 Rolex

A "WORSE for wear" student has been attacked by a "hugger mugger" who squeezed his throat until he passed out before stealing his $9,000 Rolex. ... Full story

Bulls in historic knockout victory at Madrid’s Las Ventas event

Half-tonne fighting bulls skewered or trampled all three matadors in an extraordinary upset at Madrid's prestigious Las Ventas bullring, forcing the entire spectacle to be ... Full story

Man injures eight schoolchildren in knife attack

Eight students at a Chinese primary school have been injured after they were slashed by a man wielding a kitchen knife in an apparently motiveless attack. Horrifying ... Full story

Drunk Taiwanese student attacks subway passengers with knife, kills three and wounds dozens

A DRUNKEN university student wielding a knife has attacked riders aboard a subway train in Taiwan’s capital, killing three and injuring nearly a dozen others. ... Full story

Iran’s fun police arrest six Iranians who posted a YouTube clip of them dancing to Pharrell Williams’s song Happy

IT SEEMS being “Happy in Tehran” is now a crime as six young Iranians are arrested for posting a video to YouTube of them dancing ... Full story

Speculation rife as ‘UFOs land’ in China

Villagers from Heilongjiang province in China have reported three UFOs have fallen from the sky. According to the China Topix, three circular, metallic objects crashed into the ground ... Full story

Taiwanese news anchor learns of friend’s death live on air

IT’S one of the worst things that could happen to you at work. To learn that a friend or family member has died. But that’s exactly ... Full story

31 children killed in Colombia Church bus fire

Thirty-one children and one adult were killed in Colombia on Sunday when fuel exploded on a broken-down bus returning from a church event, an emergency ... Full story

Papua New Guinea Boy, 11, eaten by crocodile

THE limbs of an 11-year-old boy have been found inside a huge crocodile and his head discovered nearby after he was attacked in Papua New ... Full story

6ft snake emerges from toilet to bite housewife

A Singapore housewife who felt a sharp pain in her thigh while on the toilet was horrified to discover a six-foot python had emerged from the toilet ... Full story

Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram video claims to show schoolgirls

BOKO Haram has released a new video claiming to show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls, alleging the teenagers had converted to Islam and would not be ... Full story

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