Woman arrested for trying to steal FIVE newborn babies while disguised as nurse

The 21-year-old was held after being stopped by the father of a new-born she attempted to take from a hospital room in Valencia by claiming ... Full story

North Korea Sentences UVa. Student Otto Warmbier to 15 Years in Prison

North Korea's highest court has sentenced an American tourist who allegedly attempted to steal a propaganda banner from a restricted area of his hotel to ... Full story

Deadly Hellfire warheads found on passenger plane heading for America

The Air Serbia flight from Beirut, Lebanon, unloaded the deadly Hellfire missiles packed away in wooden coffins at Belgrade airport. The final destination for the missiles ... Full story

WATCH: Shocking moment mum kidnaps baby after losing own child

The 23-year-old can be seen in the bizarre CCTV footage walking inside and then walked off with the baby. Police managed to capture the kidnapper, identified ... Full story

Self-proclaimed 'prophet' challenges lions at the Kruger park in South Africa, lions 1 Prophet 0

A self-proclaimed Christian prophet, who tried to prove that God would protect him from lions, was nearly eaten by the animals at Kruger National Park in ... Full story

Journalist posts video of perv yanking down her pants in street – but trolls threaten rape

Freelancer Andrea Noel posted the video of the man's cowardly attack on Twitter to raise awareness surrounding sexual assault. But the victim was hit with a ... Full story

Husband stunned as ‘dead’ wife is spotted on TV show two years after he buried her

A grieving husband was left completely stunned when the wife he thought had died in a car accident two years previous was spotted on a ... Full story

VIDEO: Shocking moment gang execute man after making him fight in bare knuckle brawl

HORRIFIC video footage of a gangland execution has emerged showing two men being forced into a bare knuckle fight for survival. The one-minute-long video captured on ... Full story

Wife ‘ripped off husband’s testicles after he refused to do housework’

A Romanian woman is alleged to have ripped off her husband’s testicles when he forgot to give her flowers on International Women’s Day, and then refused ... Full story

Couple married 7 years discover husband has autism after daughter’s diagnosis

A Brisbane, Australia, man realized he has autism after a psychologist diagnosed his oldest daughter with the disorder. Jessica Offer wrote a blog post Thursday about ... Full story

WATCH: ‘Darth Vader’ killer prowls school corridors just hours before mass stabbing

Anton Lundin-Petterson is seen moving through the school wearing a Star Wars mask and a Nazi helmet while brandishing a sword. He murdered two teachers and ... Full story

Teacher 'forces student to hold heavy chair above her head because she was late for class'

A teacher has been suspended after she allegedly forced a student to stand up in front of the class holding a huge chair above her ... Full story

Woman wakes from 8-month coma, accuses so-called 'hero' boyfriend

A man originally portrayed as a hero by the media for staying by his girlfriend’s side while she was in a months-long coma is now ... Full story

Restaurant worker tortured to death during ‘satanic ritual to turn him into a vampire’

A restaurant worker was tortured to death during a ‘satanic ritual to turn him into a vampire’, police say. Edwin Juarez Palma, 24, died after being strangled, ... Full story

Brutal ISIS butchers behead teenage boy for missing Friday prayers

According to local media reports, the unnamed 16-year-old was arrested after skipping Friday prayers - an offence punishable by death under the terror regime's extreme ... Full story

Mother and child take shopping centre escalator – but something TERRIFYING happens

Terrifying surveillance footage of the incident shows the pair calmly standing on the device before a shopping cart is thrown down the stairs. The pair are ... Full story

Woman found dead in elevator 30 days after power was cut off

A woman was found dead in an elevator 30 days after power was cut to the building, it has been revealed.   Authorities in China revealed yesterday ... Full story

Man caught trying rape eight year old girl stripped naked publicly shamed

Footage of the man being forced to walk through the town sees him dragged from the scene and tied up with a rope.  The baying mob ... Full story

SHOCKING VIDEO: Man executed in supermarket by hitmen

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A COLD-BLOODED execution was caught on CCTV cameras in a supermarket - showing hit men kill their victim in front of terrified ... Full story

SHOCKING LAST MOMENTS: Dash cam films car sink in world's deepest lake after ice gives way

THIS is the horrifying moment a driver realises the iced lake he is driving over is giving way – and he is about to sink into ... Full story

Playboy model Slobodanka Tosic sentenced to two years in prison for attempting to assasinate her lover

Slobodanka Tosic – who is a former Miss Bosnia – has been sentenced for two and a half years, for luring convicted murderer Djordje Zdrale ... Full story

WATCH: Moment women militants showered police with bullets in the street

A video has emerged of two women showering polce with bullets in a terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey.  The women can be seen brandishing guns as ... Full story

Russian teen model Stefania Dubrovina stabbed 140 times, eyes gouged out, ears hacked off by her sister

A TEENAGE Russian model was allegedly stabbed 140 times, had her eyes gouged out and ears hacked off in a vicious attack by her jealous ... Full story

Guest rent Airbnb property for party, find decomposing body in the garden

A PARTY was dramatically cut short after a decomposing body was found in the garden of an Airbnb home a group of friends had rented ... Full story

'Possessed' woman in white walks streets and roars at drivers amid fears she's 'haunted by demons'

Drivers were left terrified when a 'possessed' woman in white was spotted walking the streets in the dead of the night, roaring at motorists.   A scary ... Full story

Knife-wielding maniac slashes ten children outside Chinese school before killing himself

Ten students have been injured after a man with a knife attacked them at the school gates. Two of children have been taken to hospital with ... Full story

Mummified body of adventurer found sitting at desk of vessel drifting at sea for 20 years

Mummified body of German adventurer who set sail 20 years ago and vanished is found inside drifting yacht off the Philippines ... Full story

Babysitter arrested holding child's severed head outside Moscow – while shouting "Allahu Akbar"

A woman has been arrested after she pulled a child’s severed head from her bag and threatened to blow herself up, shouting, ‘I am a ... Full story

What could possibly go wrong with a five-storey stainless steel slide inside a mall?

A FIVE-storey stainless steel slide has been installed in the middle of a Shanghai shopping mall so consumers can drop from top floor designer stores ... Full story

Chilean school organizes kinky car wash complete with lap dances

The Expo Tuning 2016 event had been organised to take place in the grounds of the Angol School of Industry in Chile. But now that some ... Full story